Wednesday, June 27, 2007


at dinner i smiled.

i smiled when bronwyn said "i made dinna wid nana!"

i smiled when gabriel was standing on the front porch waiting for uncle merrick to come home. or when he says, "cordowroy."

i smiled when jackson said cawr, and boohk.

these moments will be kept in my heart and more will be piled in there until i can't fit anymore. i just hope i don't forget those memories.

and i never ever want to forget them when they say. . .

aunt meils

Saturday, June 23, 2007

i just finished making my first pound cake. i think it will turn out pretty well. hopefully good enough to eat. yes, you read that it was my first time to make a pound cake. since i have six sisters i have never really had to make anything because there were already enough girls to make the whole meal. i guess i was kind of lucky not having to make much. but now days i wish i knew how to make a lot more then i do. not to long from now i will be the one making dinner and dessert. it might be fun at first, making all sorts of things that are quite delicious, and obviously some things won't be as good because i will at some point get something wrong. right now i am helping with dinner because there are only two sisters home right now, but one is busy with three children, and the other is busy with work, animal sitting for the weekend and more. two more girls are in Spain on a missions trip, another in Germany, and the last one just moved to CA. lots to keep track of!
today was another cold day. we were wearing pants, sweat shirt's, and socks. little jacks lips were turning purple and his hands were ice cold. if i was cold for a little longer my lips would have turned purple too. my hands and feet were already quite cold, and were turning purple because they were so cold. i was cold but my brain didn't stop working, so i headed up stairs to put on a sweat, sweat shirt, pants, and socks. i would have put on some mittens too but decided that that was just a little too extreme. you probably noticed that i said that jacks lips were turning purple and my hands and feet were too. we are very much a like. not only do we look a like but have some odd similarities.
by lunch it was nice and warm. so we sat on our porch which is so nice to have in the summer for meals and just hanging out on. the kids went outside while brietta and i sat on the porch with computers on laps, playing miniclip games so that not only could be have fun, but we would be able to watch the kids as well.
after a little bit we heard jackson crying (which isn't to surprising), and it didn't really stop until i sacrificed not playing the game and went to get him. bronwyn also came inside with a little surprise. she had green marker on her hands, face, and we couldn't forget the shirt. that was that. Nap Time!
it was silent except for merrick. the kids were up stairs taking a much needed nap (minus gabriel who only takes rest's, not naps). i was picking up around the house, sweeping the kitchen and then the porch when my mother and father came home from rehearsals for musicals they are in this summer. so you should come and see them. not to much longer after that i was making the pound cake, which we are hoping we can eat later today.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i never thought i could hate summer so much as i did today. i do love the warm weather with some breeze in the air, but i don't fancy the humidity we had today. i don't like being covered in sweat, and being sticky all the time. yes, being outside doesn't help with staying cool either. running around with nephews chasing you just brings more sweat and stickiness to me. i enjoyed the time though.
bronwyn would rather pick little white flowers for everyone than play some tag or hide and seek. it just didn't work for her. although at times she would scream about and run away from one of us and enjoy playing for a little bit. but, that also failed for entertaining her for more than three minutes at a time.
little gabriel declares that i run to fast and that i should slow down. even though when i do slow down it somehow doesn't do anything to him. but somehow i go slow enough that he does catch me. or it goes the other way around. i slow down, he stops chasing me and cries because i am running to fast. at that point i just wish that i was his height so that we could run at the same speed, and i also think we would probably have more fun. but the truth is. . .

he's short and i am tall.


lately i have been interested in this. see how good you are at it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

shes funny.

sleeping next to bronwyn is quite interesting.

:: her every twenty minute suck on her pacifier just cracks me up.

:: the habit of moving to every possible position on the bed is quite uncomfortable for me but maybe not as uncomfortable for her.

:: every now and then she might push her hair back in every possible way so that it isn't in her face...well, at least not so much.

:: since she has slept on my bed with me, almost every night she has fallen off of it. i haven't really enjoyed waking up in the middle of the night, but i think i will survive.

the best is when shes not sleeping, and is singing...

"i know you,
i danced with you once upon a

at the top of her lungs.

Friday, June 8, 2007

time to post again.

its time that i post. i haven't for a while and i should, even though i don't feel like it. whenever i say that i should post i get on the computer, log in, and start to post. i might start writing what i did that day, and then decide that i didn't feel like writing about that anymore. so i press backspace and think of what else i could write. nothing. blah. so i get off the computer until i might think that i would like to post. this cycle might repeat a few times, and finally i would think of something. i should write about what i am doing, and what i might be hearing.
the click of the keys on the keyboard are quick, and sounds as if my fingers don't know what they are typing but just are pressing down on all the keys.
the sound of a pages flipping that's in a book. to be exact, "eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. my grandpapa reads quickly and understands everything even though the page flips every few minutes. and when he reads quickly i think of these two people that are similar to grandpa when it comes to reading.
she is cleaning the kitchen or something that is not in this room. but as she is doing whatever she is doing, you can hear duncan sheik singing with string instruments in the back round, and maybe some electric guitar. you also hear her singing along with it.

i used to think that when my sisters would go lay outside in the sun, i thought they were weird, especially with the fact that they wanted a tan. now its my turn to lay outside in the grass or on a towel. she actually saw me when she dropped her daughter off to hang out with us for the afternoon. but whenever i lay outside in the very warm sun, i'm not hoping for a tan or a burn. im hoping to look normal after laying out there. but i know that either way, im gonna turn red.