Friday, October 26, 2007

trick or treaters. . .

whenever you go through towns during this time of year. not only do you see simply fall decor, but "evil looking pumpkins" and other sorts of that kind. tall pointy hats are in many places, and will soon be on children's heads that are saying "trick or treat" (or as it sounds like, "tricker treat"), with these expressions on their faces hoping for candy as if they would die if they didn't get any - a.k.a.- if you don't give me any candy i will literally throw a temper tantrum and embarrass my parent that brought me here.
wouldn't it be awful if you just closed the door saying nothing after opening it and seeing the trick or treaters? you saw these kids in these silly looking costumes that actually almost look kind of scary, so you close the door thinking they'll go away. but then you here another knock. you, knowing that it was some trick or treaters, should finally realize that in stead of opening and closing the door within fifteen seconds every five minutes should just turn all the lights out and go to bed early. sounds good to me.
but, in order to keep the neighborhood happy you have to buy candy and give a few pieces to every child that comes to your door. sounds like a fun evening, doesn't it?

at least im not opening any doors this coming halloween. . .that would be scary.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

things i enjoy.

yet when going to bed when dark, and waking up when the sky is pink and shows the outline of the trees outside my window perfectly, the rest of the day is just not as fun.
i enjoy looking out the window and seeing the things in the yard. and just thinking really. watching the birds fly around from tree to tree chirping as loud as you can imagine (i'll have to admit that it does get annoying after a while).
the day that evolves in practicing, school, and chores is just not as fun as laying in bed and watching the pink sky turn to a different color. although taking walks and watching the leaves fall to the ground is fun for me and could entertain me for quite a while.
i also enjoy sitting in our family room, with all the candles lit (you might want to make sure that they are all lit before my mother walks in the room), just relaxing. 'course, with the sinclair family there is almost always laughing. so sitting around in a room where a bunch of candles are lit is not boring. the funniest random things can come up. so you would enjoy being here.
i enjoy fiddling on the piano. making up random little melodies here and there, and just attempting to play worship songs is fun for me. playing the same two chords and just singing something along with them is fun, laughing at the stupid things i said, it sounds like im going phsyco or something (maybe i am).

but i guess i thought that i would let you know what things i enjoy best.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

what i did. and what i will do.

yesterday evening i walked down to the little yellow house. ready to watch three little children, who didn't want to go to bed. when their father, mother, and little baby sister left. all they wanted is them to come home. but. . .
the evening went on, and soon they went up stairs to their warm, cozy beds. where they listened intently to me reading peter pan. of course i couldn't read for long. because at that point they would never fall asleep early enough (which by then they would be called exhausted little children).
soon they were all asleep. you could tell by the way they breathed. there were coughs every now and then because the youngest of them all is not feeling well.
all was safe for me to leave. getting out of the rocking chair and then going downstairs. i started picking up pillows from the ground, and sippy-cups went to the kitchen. then, i was able to relax. but before completely relaxing i re-did my hair because when you play around with little kids, it does get a little messy.

but today we will play songs for some people, which we hope they enjoy. we also hope that we don't mess up on anything, which, of course, is rare for the sinclair girls to do. . .right?!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

happy birthday a bit late. . .

michael samuel marotta, this is just for you.
i know its late but what could i do.
i didn't know that that date was so important to you.

so happy birthday!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

tonight was a special night.

i walked over with graded cheese in hand, which was for their dinner. we waited for the arrival of three special people, whom we love very much. washing hands, running around, picking out a movie, when there's a horn beep. if you looked in the drive way you could see a gray car with a mommy, daddy, and a tiny little baby coming out. running outside to greet them, everyone was smiling and glad to see them, knowing that they would be staying for good.
everyone washed their hands once more so they would be able to hold the little girl. the little baby that was dressed in pink, was passed on from person to person. a happy older sister, who was definitely having the best time of her life. an older brother who couldn't stop touching her soft pink baby skin. aunt lalania was next in line to hold her. making sure she was happily sleeping. and then i was able to hold her. since i had already eaten, everyone else ate while i held her. this new paladin baby was in my arms. breathing quite quickly, it kind of made me breath quickly. how strange? she was soft and warm. her mouth was open as she slept. at times she would smile in her sleep. or make a worried face as though she was about to cry (which tricked me many times). her tiny hands were clenched together most of the time, they were until she would stretch from sleeping.

i have had the most wonderful time tonight. holding a precious little baby that is a miracle. seeing a brother in-law and a sister. spending time with them, and laughing at things their other children said.
now back to reality. we are back home and are getting ready for friday school. packing things in our backpacks. and hopefully going to get a good nights sleep.