Tuesday, January 29, 2008

. . .

how long must this linger on? this thing that i live on? i feel continually sick and brokenhearted by the lives people can lead. only wishing that i could fix everything so that every single thing would be wonderful. but i, knowing this cannot be only wish to be free from this world. this world of sin led lives. how i wish to let it go on without me, and let it pass over me like a cloud in the sky. going on to whatever may come of it. and let me close my eyes and take the longest rest i will ever be in. waiting for Jesus to come and take me to heaven, where everything will be perfect, just as i have dreamed.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


well, i have been tagged. by her to be exact. so here goes. . .

1) surprisingly enough, though i am only twelve i am going to BASIC. the only reason being that i am playing in julia's band one of the nights. i find this a rather scary thought, and think that it will be very awkward or something like that.

2) if i wanted i could go on a fruit diet for the rest of my life. i know, its strange. but its just stating a true fact about me.

3) normally, whenever i explained my hair i said it was really wavy. im realizing its actually pretty much all curls with a bit of straight hair instead of "wavy."

4) i've realized that seven is a really awkard number and i don't like having to set tables for seven because of how awkward it is.

5) i absolutely hate hearing or watching myself. if i do i either plug my ears and sing the "lala song," or i just walk out of the room.

6) i hate my hand writing. and even though i dislike it, i have no wishes as to fix it. . .i must be weird. . .

7) whenever i have my own house im not going to paint the walls the normal colors that everyone does. i mean, their nice colors but its just not me to do exactly what everyone else does.


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i'm not tagging anyone because i think everyone pretty much has been tagged.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


my day actually started out good. usually it starts out with me being totally lazy, disagreeable, or in some cases quite histarical, only because of how giggly i can be because of how tired i am. it just somehow works that way.
it used to be me, the only one that actually got up to the alarm clock and started off the day with a new excitement (im not sure what about, but you know!).
i would sit in the kitchen while the only other person awake was louissa because she had work to go to. the other two girls just happened to forget that their youngest sister woke them up so they could start their day on time, and just fell back alseep. . .

but, that is a completely different subject. and i wish not to carry on with it.

. . .it started out good, and this is strange for me. the day started out quite normally, i asure you. school had begun after breakfast and everyone seemed quite normal. i just happened to go shopping with my mother right after lunch. it wasnt so bad but, i tell you, the only thing that bothered me so, was the fact that i saw quite a few girls/30 year old moms wearing chunky, ugly heels. it was awful to look at. and that was definitely my least favorite party about the day. it bothered me quite a bit.
i know that my mother got quite a bit of things today, but all i know is that pushing the cart and keeping hold of the cell phone was my job. im not sure if i did much else. i feel like i did nothing else. but im not sure if i did something else or not. strange. . .
when we were finally coming home i was quite thankful. i was tired and completely ready for bed, and was more than satisfied with the amount of shopping we had done.
i can say completely honestly, that i do not like shopping.

i am home now, and my mother is putting things away where they belong. i have figured out what i shall pack for our trip this weekend but have not packed it yet. so, my evening here has not ended yet. i wish it would, but it will not end very happily if i do not finish the things which are needed to be done.

ahhhhh, the wonderful things of life.

Monday, January 14, 2008

we must be popular!

you probobly know that there are these items with names that we all like.

looking at different things on their site, i just happened to find these.

this just makes me love j.crew even more.

Friday, January 11, 2008


although i had much fun last night watching Pride and Prejudice with a bunch of girls. today i am very tired and have no wish of being productive of any kind. the rain coming down outside does not help with that, and neither does the fact that there are grey clouds outside. even though i am tired, i still have to continue with my school and chores (to my dissatisfaction). it would be quite nice if we could just not do school because we are tired. and if that was aloud i would hardly do any school because i am tired all the time. i would enjoy that though.

i sit here typing while my sister is asleep on the couch and i listen to classical music which i quite enjoy. then i just think of how nice it would be if i could lay down all day with my eyes closed listening classical music. how i would like that, each piece having its own feeling. . .*sigh*. . .

doesn't it sound wonderful?

Friday, January 4, 2008


:: the new year begins, even if were not ready. with christmas decorations back in their boxes, and the regular decorations in their places. we clean and do whatever needs to be done. although christmas is my favorite time, seeing what we have for decorations on a regular daily basis seams quite nice.

:: i went through my new calender writing in different things here and there. i look at the number next to my siblings and nieces names, amazed at how old they will be and how crazy it is.

how is it 2008. . .already?

btw : i've done more than that, don't worry :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the party.

we were busy getting food ready, cleaning, and decorating. putting outfits together and some were even decorating their masks. twinkle lights were put up and other lights turned off so it had this wonderful effect. punch was made, and so was pudding, both chocolate and vanilla. soon, people started coming, group by group. first, talking about masks and outfits had to be done. then slowly there was dancing on the dance floor. the house was filled with people, all having a blast. fast dances, slow dances, both we all enjoyed. the evening started to slip away and soon, they started to leave, group by group. with only some people left the last song was played. then, it was over. well, sort of. some started to clean up, some watched a movie, and others just talked.

but over all. . .it was a blast. this party is something i look forward to every year. it's really, that much fun.