Friday, March 23, 2007


something odd : right now it somehow smells like a new car, and personally I don't like that type of smell. oh well. hopefully it will go away.

merrick is sleeping right now. which means I don't have to entertain him at all for now. =)

the other day I went down stairs (and it just happened to be that I was the last one down) and everyone looked at my pants. they weren't completely wild or crazy, they were jeans. I just made a funny look at them. finally, she was nice enough to tell me what they were looking short my jeans had gotten on me. ok, they weren't that short, but they got shorter. And carina just had to measure me. first, she saw that I was about an inch taller than the refrigerator, so she measured the fridge. I know, thats kinda weird to do...but it works. so that morning we found out that I am 5'9"...scary.
today as I was leaving from Friday school she said that I should be a model for this place. I am not sure why she picked that exact spot, but hey, whatever.

I don't really feel like writing anymore.

Can you keep up?
Baby boy, make me lose my breath
Bring the noise, make me lose my breath
Hit me Hard, make me lose my (Hah Hah)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I now understand why the header is the header.

You could probably just tell by looking at me but...

I love music.

It's a fact...


I know you do to.