Thursday, May 24, 2007

my lucky fall.

i was waiting for the time where we needed to get ready for liana's violin recital, and i got something to do while waiting. i got to answer the phone. on the other line was my father wanting to speak to my mother. eager to bring the phone to my mother (wanting to do something with all my energy) i started running through the house. through the kitchen, dining room, and half of the hallway when all of the sudden i tripped on the rug that is in front of the bench, literally flew all the way to the other end of it. i almost landed on my face, but thankfully learning at a young age from my brother jamie, you should put your hands down when your going to fall on your face. this helped my face, but not my right knee. i got a horrable rug burn. it doesn't look like one at all. instead it looks like i cut a layer of my skin off somehow. i got through the quick pain, and went to the kitchen to clean the cut and put something on it so it wouldn't get infected. if peter and kelly were here a few minutes earlier than when they had come for their guitar lesson, they would have gotten to see the whole show. maybe its a good thing that they didn't though. :)
i was able to get ready for the recital, and that obviously took a few minutes.
the recital went well, and it wasn't to hard for me. i am glad that i was able to finish one thing that night though...

i got to bring the phone to my mom.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

the event at the bank.

along with todays package there was going to the madrid HSBC bank. i have never actually been in there, and i realized that when i walked in there. to merrick, it didn't matter if he had been in there or knew the people. it just mattered if he got the big $10.00 from the bank if he got a savings account. he got one first. he was able to tell emily (the worker) when his birthday was, half of his address, his phone number, he told her how to spell his name and partially his last name. he signed his name, he even told her that in 10 days was his birthday. thats the only other thing that mattered right then and still does. his birthday is in ten days. after he was done getting his account he wandered off into lala land, trying to figure out which lollipop to eat. after i was done giving my information i turned around and merrick said to us that he just saw a girl that looked like me when i was younger. this somehow excited him. its like he's never seen another red head besides his four sisters (technically 3 right now). thankfully there weren't to many people there and everyone just laughed.

the joy of brothers that are seven years old and turning eight in 10 days.