Tuesday, November 27, 2007


candles are lit in the family room and the lights are all turned off, so you only see by candlelight. could it be much prettier? snowman and nutcrackers are near the candles so they are glowing in the dark. the few santa clauses there are in the family room are glowing too, but each one is quite different. quite strange that each santa clause is so much more different than the others. i guess it just makes it more interesting.

during our dinner it was snowing, and when you looked outside all you could see is white with some random little colors here and there. boy was it wonderful looking.
when the snow stopped the ground looked so fluffy because of the new layer. almost as if you wouldn't dare walk on it because than you would ruin the look. oh well. . .im afraid some people have already gone out and will be coming back with more footprints to make.

merrick was walking around listening to my dads rio looking at all of us just to make sure that we knew that he was listening to dads rio (because apparently thats really cool to do). he was also singing along, not really sure on all of the words he was singing. it just happened to be his oldest sisters music too.
although it does get annoying after a while having to listen to a very high pitched voice, he was pretty cute.

and you have to admit it.

sick. . .

laying on the couch with a blanket all around me to keep me warm while i blow my nose a gazillion times. reading history books that i wish would entertain me. watching christmas movies that make me realize how girly i really am. all the candles that are lit in the evening that just make it so much more fun.
at least the christmas season is always happy. so when i am sick i still feel a little bit happy.

but the bottom line is that i don't enjoy being sick.

who does?

Friday, November 23, 2007


i had a wonderful thanksgiving.



games and more.

i hope you had a good one too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


after a day of school, grocery shopping, and more. i am not that tired. though i should be after killing my brain, carrying bags full of food, and doing random pick-up. it doesn't match. i think i am supposed to be tired.
there is still a bit of energy somewhere in me (as i somehow feel it). i am not sure what i shall do. if my mama was to start baking this evening, i would help as much as i could (as i have never made pies or any kind of the sort). but alas, my mum is quite tired after all she has done and no energy left for that. she does have energy enough to sit down and watch a movie though, and i think we all do. but what kind of energy is that? enough where you get excited about the movie so you get a blanket and some coffee, sit down to watch the movie, and never get up until the end? i think it might. maybe thats the type of energy i have. . .you never know.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

we all the sudden got old.

after eating we obviously had to clean up from dinner. meanwhile. . .had some fun too.

things that i have thought about.

amazingly enough. . .I have already started playing some christmas songs. I don't get sick of playing them as long as I make them a little different in my own way. Soon liana will be saying, "can you please play a different song." I know this is just awful of me, but at times like that I just ignore her and keep on playing.
although it isn't very normal when she asks you to play that song when she dies. but you know. . .

today is rainy. which means that I am not very motivated to do anything of any kind except watch a movie. of course, I can't do that because I have other things that I need to finish. if only it was sunny.

i just wish i could go to sleep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

random things.

i am at the point in my sickness that while i am chewing i can't breath because my nose is all stuffed up. it truly is awful feeling.
at least sleeping isn't difficult yet. . .

fall used to be all sunny with a bit of breeze in the air. now it just looks cold and damp. whats so fun about that? to me, nothing. but something i do have fun with is the decorations we have out. all the pilgrims in different places. . .my favorite is the pilgrims/bunny's that we all said were dancing.

i feel like i haven't been able to get all the things i need to get done, get done. then again, you always think of new things by the time your doing something else, so you say to yourself that you'll do that next and you really just have a huge list that pretty much stays the same length because you keep on adding things. i don't like that.
at this point i just wish that i didn't have school to do and could just clean, practice, and do other odd things that i like to do. wouldn't that be just so much nicer (well, to me at least)? i really don't mind practicing that much, 'cause it just means that i am getting better at the things that i am practicing which could mean that i don't practice many things because not everything sounds good...anyways.

off i go. . .to attempt getting everything done like i do every day.

i hope yours goes well.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

im up late/early

you're probably wondering why i am up so late/early. if i was really talking to you i would probably say that its my stupid leg. i know, sounds weird.
but its true. to be specific, my right leg is in pain. only god knows why. laying in bed didn't help me though, just made it worse. so i got up.
besides the pain my nose is stuffy, runny, and its just plain annoying to be sick. who enjoys blowing their nose continually every five minutes or so? not me.
im not sure if church will be in my schedule for tomorrow or not. its all up in the air.

but now who knows what i shall do. soon i will go back up to bed and try to go to sleep.

time to move on.

after what happened, we all mourned for them. but there comes a time when you have to move on.

Ecclesiastes 3:4
A time to weep, a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

Thursday, November 8, 2007

sadness fills my heart.

crying...tears falling down my face. no longer can the sun make my thoughts happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My November Guest

My Sorrow, when she's here with me,
Thinks these dark days of autumn rain
Are beautiful as days can be;
She loves the bare, the withered tree;
She walks the sodden pasture lane.

Her pleasure will not let me stay.
She talks and I am fain to list:
She's glad the birds are gone away,
She's glad her simple worsted grady
Is silver now with clinging mist.

The desolate, deserted trees,
The faded earth, the heavy sky,
The beauties she so ryly sees,
She thinks I have no eye for these,
And vexes me for reason why.

Not yesterday I learned to know
The love of bare November days
Before the coming of the snow,
But it were vain to tell he so,
And they are better for her praise.

- Robert Frost