Saturday, December 29, 2007

. . .

there's a party soon. so cleaning is needed. instead of relaxing today pick-up and such will have to be done.

cleaning. . .not my favorite thing.

Monday, December 24, 2007

christmas eve.

already it is the day before christmas. christmas eve as most call it. where children get excited at what they shall unwrap, making last minute wishes and their wish that they may get, the most wonderful thing that they put on their list.
looking at presents that are under the tree, and counting each one that they think says "me."
staring at ornaments that are hung on each branch, wondering "how in the world did they get like that?"
every little child i think may wonder, if the nutcrackers around the house really do turn real. do they fight during the night, being brave and all of that? do they really save girls who throw one slipper? or fight the king of rats that has three heads? "is all of this real?" they may ask their mother and father, as they are tucked into bed with only dreams to find out. soon they get older, and they also get bolder. walking down the steps to see if it's all true. the nutcracker, the rats, and the other wonderful dreams. only to find a room that is empty with stockings full, bulging with plenty. presents wrapped under the tree, that still says to them, "me."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

. . .

my younger brother and i went to our favorite yellow house, not only to just babysit, but to have a party of our own. cookies while watching a movie is probably one of their favorite things to do. i don't blame them.
after tucking them in bed, i watched them each close their eyes slowly as they drifted off to sleep. i went downstairs and with nothing else to do, played a game with my younger brother. it was fun, but made me even more tired.
after he was brought home. . .to bed i went.

their sleeping soundly for their afternoon nap. the house is silent and you can only hear the clocks going tick-tock tick-tock. i keep on looking at their stockings hanging on the banister. with horses, penguins, holly and other things. their christmas tree decorated with many ornaments and has lights to make it bright. it is a beautiful sight.
now i, myself, might even go to sleep. for i am quite tired.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Now that I think about it, Christmas is really soon. Because when you say that Christmas is in eight days, not only do you get excited, but I know for a fact that some mothers are glad that they have at least eight more days to wrap presents, and even finish Christmas shopping. Boy am I glad that I'm not them.

Only eight more days. . .

the count down begins.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

snow storm.

I woke up thinking I would be going to church and having a normal but busy day even though there is a lot of snow coming down on us. Well, church is canceled and so are other events that we had planned.
We all got ready for the day, but will end up in the family room around the fire keeping warm. Finishing gingerbread houses and having as much fun as you can have when there's a snow storm outside the house.

kids are playing, and there are baby's being held. songs being played, and there are games with much laughter.
no one ever thinks of snow storms as fun. but I do. I enjoy being with everyone. with everyone I love. so that's why I will enjoy this day so much. because I can spend more time with my family.

I think I will enjoy this day very much.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


A couple of songs that I really enjoy listening to are from Sense and Sensibility. What do you know?! I look them up and repeat them over and over again. I finally tell myself that I should do something else because I'm not really doing anything on the computer but just listening to the music. It's to bad that I'm not able to just repeat it in my own head instead of having to play them on the computer. Merrick just thinks something is wrong with me by the time I play it the tenth time. Oh well, he's stuck with me for a while.

I decorated some rum logs today, and I was supposed to do it with my sister who actually just made the frosting and then left for her lesson. After ten cookies I was about to give up. It just wasn't that fun by myself. It's more fun when there's a ton of laughter going on and there a few people sitting around the table, each with a place mat in front of them to set the decorated rum logs on.

More and more snow falls to the ground. More snow? I thought we had enough, but I guess not. The more the merrier for the little kids I guess :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gains for All Our Losses

THERE are gains for all our losses,
There are balms for all our pain:
But when youth, the dream, departs,
It takes something from our hearts,
And it never comes again.

We are stronger, and are better,
Under manhood's sterner reign:
Still we feel that something sweet
Followed youth, with flying feet,
And will never come again.

Something beautiful is vanished,
And we sigh for it in vain:
We behold it everywhere,
On the earth, and in the air,
But it never comes again.


Friday, December 7, 2007

egg people.

you could only wonder so much why my title is what it is. its a "thanks to merrick" title if you know what i mean. he only can bring up the most funniest conversations in the whole world. heres one for you. . .

"i never knew that reindeer were red."

"merrick, reindeer aren't red."

"yes they are," pointing to his glass which had a reindeer painted red.

"haha, thats funny merrick."

------- a minute later. . .

"jamie, josh, and me like live on eggs! --- well, they eat more eggs than me, but i eat a lot of eggs too."

"huh, thats interesting merrick."

"you know, their kinda like egg people."

i could only look at him with half a smirk. though it was pretty funny.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

christmas tree

the candles were lit, there were glasses of milk and a platter of cookies. box's everywhere with things inside that were soon to be on the tree. a camera was set up so we could capture the memory's of this years christmas decorating.
only when some were all done and others halfway done was the tree covered with lights, tinsel, and ornaments of many different kinds. and i must admit, the whole time we were decorating i was thinking of singing "O Christmas Tree" really randomly. its too bad i didn't.

now when we walk downstairs in the early morning we pass a room with a tree that looks beautiful. now the room is finished with christmas decorating, and we can enjoy the way it looks for at least a little while.

Monday, December 3, 2007

tree time.

though its cold and some snow is falling down to the ground, we are all going to go look for a Christmas tree. almost like a hunt. . .no, just joking. although with a few other daughters helping my mom pick out a tree, i just sit in the snow or play with the little kids. its more fun for me. im not the type that picks out tree's. i just nod my head if they ask me a question, or just say, "i don't know. . . why would i know?"
yeah, thats me.

all i know is that one thing i will definitely be saying is, "my feet hurt."

because we still don't have boots that are the right size for my feet.

hopefully this year i'll get some.


Saturday, December 1, 2007


a concert. a crowd. matching outfits. 10 songs they all really loved.

if it happened again i would be glad.

because it was fun.