Saturday, December 29, 2007

. . .

there's a party soon. so cleaning is needed. instead of relaxing today pick-up and such will have to be done.

cleaning. . .not my favorite thing.

Monday, December 24, 2007

christmas eve.

already it is the day before christmas. christmas eve as most call it. where children get excited at what they shall unwrap, making last minute wishes and their wish that they may get, the most wonderful thing that they put on their list.
looking at presents that are under the tree, and counting each one that they think says "me."
staring at ornaments that are hung on each branch, wondering "how in the world did they get like that?"
every little child i think may wonder, if the nutcrackers around the house really do turn real. do they fight during the night, being brave and all of that? do they really save girls who throw one slipper? or fight the king of rats that has three heads? "is all of this real?" they may ask their mother and father, as they are tucked into bed with only dreams to find out. soon they get older, and they also get bolder. walking down the steps to see if it's all true. the nutcracker, the rats, and the other wonderful dreams. only to find a room that is empty with stockings full, bulging with plenty. presents wrapped under the tree, that still says to them, "me."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

. . .

my younger brother and i went to our favorite yellow house, not only to just babysit, but to have a party of our own. cookies while watching a movie is probably one of their favorite things to do. i don't blame them.
after tucking them in bed, i watched them each close their eyes slowly as they drifted off to sleep. i went downstairs and with nothing else to do, played a game with my younger brother. it was fun, but made me even more tired.
after he was brought home. . .to bed i went.

their sleeping soundly for their afternoon nap. the house is silent and you can only hear the clocks going tick-tock tick-tock. i keep on looking at their stockings hanging on the banister. with horses, penguins, holly and other things. their christmas tree decorated with many ornaments and has lights to make it bright. it is a beautiful sight.
now i, myself, might even go to sleep. for i am quite tired.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Now that I think about it, Christmas is really soon. Because when you say that Christmas is in eight days, not only do you get excited, but I know for a fact that some mothers are glad that they have at least eight more days to wrap presents, and even finish Christmas shopping. Boy am I glad that I'm not them.

Only eight more days. . .

the count down begins.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

snow storm.

I woke up thinking I would be going to church and having a normal but busy day even though there is a lot of snow coming down on us. Well, church is canceled and so are other events that we had planned.
We all got ready for the day, but will end up in the family room around the fire keeping warm. Finishing gingerbread houses and having as much fun as you can have when there's a snow storm outside the house.

kids are playing, and there are baby's being held. songs being played, and there are games with much laughter.
no one ever thinks of snow storms as fun. but I do. I enjoy being with everyone. with everyone I love. so that's why I will enjoy this day so much. because I can spend more time with my family.

I think I will enjoy this day very much.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


A couple of songs that I really enjoy listening to are from Sense and Sensibility. What do you know?! I look them up and repeat them over and over again. I finally tell myself that I should do something else because I'm not really doing anything on the computer but just listening to the music. It's to bad that I'm not able to just repeat it in my own head instead of having to play them on the computer. Merrick just thinks something is wrong with me by the time I play it the tenth time. Oh well, he's stuck with me for a while.

I decorated some rum logs today, and I was supposed to do it with my sister who actually just made the frosting and then left for her lesson. After ten cookies I was about to give up. It just wasn't that fun by myself. It's more fun when there's a ton of laughter going on and there a few people sitting around the table, each with a place mat in front of them to set the decorated rum logs on.

More and more snow falls to the ground. More snow? I thought we had enough, but I guess not. The more the merrier for the little kids I guess :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gains for All Our Losses

THERE are gains for all our losses,
There are balms for all our pain:
But when youth, the dream, departs,
It takes something from our hearts,
And it never comes again.

We are stronger, and are better,
Under manhood's sterner reign:
Still we feel that something sweet
Followed youth, with flying feet,
And will never come again.

Something beautiful is vanished,
And we sigh for it in vain:
We behold it everywhere,
On the earth, and in the air,
But it never comes again.


Friday, December 7, 2007

egg people.

you could only wonder so much why my title is what it is. its a "thanks to merrick" title if you know what i mean. he only can bring up the most funniest conversations in the whole world. heres one for you. . .

"i never knew that reindeer were red."

"merrick, reindeer aren't red."

"yes they are," pointing to his glass which had a reindeer painted red.

"haha, thats funny merrick."

------- a minute later. . .

"jamie, josh, and me like live on eggs! --- well, they eat more eggs than me, but i eat a lot of eggs too."

"huh, thats interesting merrick."

"you know, their kinda like egg people."

i could only look at him with half a smirk. though it was pretty funny.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

christmas tree

the candles were lit, there were glasses of milk and a platter of cookies. box's everywhere with things inside that were soon to be on the tree. a camera was set up so we could capture the memory's of this years christmas decorating.
only when some were all done and others halfway done was the tree covered with lights, tinsel, and ornaments of many different kinds. and i must admit, the whole time we were decorating i was thinking of singing "O Christmas Tree" really randomly. its too bad i didn't.

now when we walk downstairs in the early morning we pass a room with a tree that looks beautiful. now the room is finished with christmas decorating, and we can enjoy the way it looks for at least a little while.

Monday, December 3, 2007

tree time.

though its cold and some snow is falling down to the ground, we are all going to go look for a Christmas tree. almost like a hunt. . .no, just joking. although with a few other daughters helping my mom pick out a tree, i just sit in the snow or play with the little kids. its more fun for me. im not the type that picks out tree's. i just nod my head if they ask me a question, or just say, "i don't know. . . why would i know?"
yeah, thats me.

all i know is that one thing i will definitely be saying is, "my feet hurt."

because we still don't have boots that are the right size for my feet.

hopefully this year i'll get some.


Saturday, December 1, 2007


a concert. a crowd. matching outfits. 10 songs they all really loved.

if it happened again i would be glad.

because it was fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


candles are lit in the family room and the lights are all turned off, so you only see by candlelight. could it be much prettier? snowman and nutcrackers are near the candles so they are glowing in the dark. the few santa clauses there are in the family room are glowing too, but each one is quite different. quite strange that each santa clause is so much more different than the others. i guess it just makes it more interesting.

during our dinner it was snowing, and when you looked outside all you could see is white with some random little colors here and there. boy was it wonderful looking.
when the snow stopped the ground looked so fluffy because of the new layer. almost as if you wouldn't dare walk on it because than you would ruin the look. oh well. . .im afraid some people have already gone out and will be coming back with more footprints to make.

merrick was walking around listening to my dads rio looking at all of us just to make sure that we knew that he was listening to dads rio (because apparently thats really cool to do). he was also singing along, not really sure on all of the words he was singing. it just happened to be his oldest sisters music too.
although it does get annoying after a while having to listen to a very high pitched voice, he was pretty cute.

and you have to admit it.

sick. . .

laying on the couch with a blanket all around me to keep me warm while i blow my nose a gazillion times. reading history books that i wish would entertain me. watching christmas movies that make me realize how girly i really am. all the candles that are lit in the evening that just make it so much more fun.
at least the christmas season is always happy. so when i am sick i still feel a little bit happy.

but the bottom line is that i don't enjoy being sick.

who does?

Friday, November 23, 2007


i had a wonderful thanksgiving.



games and more.

i hope you had a good one too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


after a day of school, grocery shopping, and more. i am not that tired. though i should be after killing my brain, carrying bags full of food, and doing random pick-up. it doesn't match. i think i am supposed to be tired.
there is still a bit of energy somewhere in me (as i somehow feel it). i am not sure what i shall do. if my mama was to start baking this evening, i would help as much as i could (as i have never made pies or any kind of the sort). but alas, my mum is quite tired after all she has done and no energy left for that. she does have energy enough to sit down and watch a movie though, and i think we all do. but what kind of energy is that? enough where you get excited about the movie so you get a blanket and some coffee, sit down to watch the movie, and never get up until the end? i think it might. maybe thats the type of energy i have. . .you never know.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

we all the sudden got old.

after eating we obviously had to clean up from dinner. meanwhile. . .had some fun too.

things that i have thought about.

amazingly enough. . .I have already started playing some christmas songs. I don't get sick of playing them as long as I make them a little different in my own way. Soon liana will be saying, "can you please play a different song." I know this is just awful of me, but at times like that I just ignore her and keep on playing.
although it isn't very normal when she asks you to play that song when she dies. but you know. . .

today is rainy. which means that I am not very motivated to do anything of any kind except watch a movie. of course, I can't do that because I have other things that I need to finish. if only it was sunny.

i just wish i could go to sleep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

random things.

i am at the point in my sickness that while i am chewing i can't breath because my nose is all stuffed up. it truly is awful feeling.
at least sleeping isn't difficult yet. . .

fall used to be all sunny with a bit of breeze in the air. now it just looks cold and damp. whats so fun about that? to me, nothing. but something i do have fun with is the decorations we have out. all the pilgrims in different places. . .my favorite is the pilgrims/bunny's that we all said were dancing.

i feel like i haven't been able to get all the things i need to get done, get done. then again, you always think of new things by the time your doing something else, so you say to yourself that you'll do that next and you really just have a huge list that pretty much stays the same length because you keep on adding things. i don't like that.
at this point i just wish that i didn't have school to do and could just clean, practice, and do other odd things that i like to do. wouldn't that be just so much nicer (well, to me at least)? i really don't mind practicing that much, 'cause it just means that i am getting better at the things that i am practicing which could mean that i don't practice many things because not everything sounds good...anyways.

off i go. . .to attempt getting everything done like i do every day.

i hope yours goes well.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

im up late/early

you're probably wondering why i am up so late/early. if i was really talking to you i would probably say that its my stupid leg. i know, sounds weird.
but its true. to be specific, my right leg is in pain. only god knows why. laying in bed didn't help me though, just made it worse. so i got up.
besides the pain my nose is stuffy, runny, and its just plain annoying to be sick. who enjoys blowing their nose continually every five minutes or so? not me.
im not sure if church will be in my schedule for tomorrow or not. its all up in the air.

but now who knows what i shall do. soon i will go back up to bed and try to go to sleep.

time to move on.

after what happened, we all mourned for them. but there comes a time when you have to move on.

Ecclesiastes 3:4
A time to weep, a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

Thursday, November 8, 2007

sadness fills my heart.

crying...tears falling down my face. no longer can the sun make my thoughts happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My November Guest

My Sorrow, when she's here with me,
Thinks these dark days of autumn rain
Are beautiful as days can be;
She loves the bare, the withered tree;
She walks the sodden pasture lane.

Her pleasure will not let me stay.
She talks and I am fain to list:
She's glad the birds are gone away,
She's glad her simple worsted grady
Is silver now with clinging mist.

The desolate, deserted trees,
The faded earth, the heavy sky,
The beauties she so ryly sees,
She thinks I have no eye for these,
And vexes me for reason why.

Not yesterday I learned to know
The love of bare November days
Before the coming of the snow,
But it were vain to tell he so,
And they are better for her praise.

- Robert Frost

Friday, October 26, 2007

trick or treaters. . .

whenever you go through towns during this time of year. not only do you see simply fall decor, but "evil looking pumpkins" and other sorts of that kind. tall pointy hats are in many places, and will soon be on children's heads that are saying "trick or treat" (or as it sounds like, "tricker treat"), with these expressions on their faces hoping for candy as if they would die if they didn't get any - a.k.a.- if you don't give me any candy i will literally throw a temper tantrum and embarrass my parent that brought me here.
wouldn't it be awful if you just closed the door saying nothing after opening it and seeing the trick or treaters? you saw these kids in these silly looking costumes that actually almost look kind of scary, so you close the door thinking they'll go away. but then you here another knock. you, knowing that it was some trick or treaters, should finally realize that in stead of opening and closing the door within fifteen seconds every five minutes should just turn all the lights out and go to bed early. sounds good to me.
but, in order to keep the neighborhood happy you have to buy candy and give a few pieces to every child that comes to your door. sounds like a fun evening, doesn't it?

at least im not opening any doors this coming halloween. . .that would be scary.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

things i enjoy.

yet when going to bed when dark, and waking up when the sky is pink and shows the outline of the trees outside my window perfectly, the rest of the day is just not as fun.
i enjoy looking out the window and seeing the things in the yard. and just thinking really. watching the birds fly around from tree to tree chirping as loud as you can imagine (i'll have to admit that it does get annoying after a while).
the day that evolves in practicing, school, and chores is just not as fun as laying in bed and watching the pink sky turn to a different color. although taking walks and watching the leaves fall to the ground is fun for me and could entertain me for quite a while.
i also enjoy sitting in our family room, with all the candles lit (you might want to make sure that they are all lit before my mother walks in the room), just relaxing. 'course, with the sinclair family there is almost always laughing. so sitting around in a room where a bunch of candles are lit is not boring. the funniest random things can come up. so you would enjoy being here.
i enjoy fiddling on the piano. making up random little melodies here and there, and just attempting to play worship songs is fun for me. playing the same two chords and just singing something along with them is fun, laughing at the stupid things i said, it sounds like im going phsyco or something (maybe i am).

but i guess i thought that i would let you know what things i enjoy best.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

what i did. and what i will do.

yesterday evening i walked down to the little yellow house. ready to watch three little children, who didn't want to go to bed. when their father, mother, and little baby sister left. all they wanted is them to come home. but. . .
the evening went on, and soon they went up stairs to their warm, cozy beds. where they listened intently to me reading peter pan. of course i couldn't read for long. because at that point they would never fall asleep early enough (which by then they would be called exhausted little children).
soon they were all asleep. you could tell by the way they breathed. there were coughs every now and then because the youngest of them all is not feeling well.
all was safe for me to leave. getting out of the rocking chair and then going downstairs. i started picking up pillows from the ground, and sippy-cups went to the kitchen. then, i was able to relax. but before completely relaxing i re-did my hair because when you play around with little kids, it does get a little messy.

but today we will play songs for some people, which we hope they enjoy. we also hope that we don't mess up on anything, which, of course, is rare for the sinclair girls to do. . .right?!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

happy birthday a bit late. . .

michael samuel marotta, this is just for you.
i know its late but what could i do.
i didn't know that that date was so important to you.

so happy birthday!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

tonight was a special night.

i walked over with graded cheese in hand, which was for their dinner. we waited for the arrival of three special people, whom we love very much. washing hands, running around, picking out a movie, when there's a horn beep. if you looked in the drive way you could see a gray car with a mommy, daddy, and a tiny little baby coming out. running outside to greet them, everyone was smiling and glad to see them, knowing that they would be staying for good.
everyone washed their hands once more so they would be able to hold the little girl. the little baby that was dressed in pink, was passed on from person to person. a happy older sister, who was definitely having the best time of her life. an older brother who couldn't stop touching her soft pink baby skin. aunt lalania was next in line to hold her. making sure she was happily sleeping. and then i was able to hold her. since i had already eaten, everyone else ate while i held her. this new paladin baby was in my arms. breathing quite quickly, it kind of made me breath quickly. how strange? she was soft and warm. her mouth was open as she slept. at times she would smile in her sleep. or make a worried face as though she was about to cry (which tricked me many times). her tiny hands were clenched together most of the time, they were until she would stretch from sleeping.

i have had the most wonderful time tonight. holding a precious little baby that is a miracle. seeing a brother in-law and a sister. spending time with them, and laughing at things their other children said.
now back to reality. we are back home and are getting ready for friday school. packing things in our backpacks. and hopefully going to get a good nights sleep.


Friday, September 28, 2007

us. . .

it doesn't matter what time we go to bed. whenever we get up were still tired. were not very motivated, and energetic when we have to say good morning to everyone. although most everyone else is ready for the days activities, three other girls (sometimes its just me) are just sitting staring at the table sort of drifting off. in less of course, your so tired that you have way to much energy. but often tired enough where you said proverbs 9:10 with everyone else, but mess up when you have to say it alone. yes, now the family is saying verses together and discussing them. you can't forget all the questions we get from a certain eight year old boy who attempts to do his hair, and is told that he looks like a nutty professor, like in flubber.
but after boys go to school, a father goes to work, and two sisters go to work. it still manages to get quite loud with all five of us home. of course its loud. guitar, piano, and violin is being practiced. and the house about to explode because of someones vocal cords that sometimes go to high for us to handle.
whenever we are all around the kitchen table doing history, science, math, spelling, vocab, and maybe nonsense. we normally don't get a ton done. merrick is always trying to figure out a math or an english problem, but has to say it all out loud which is annoying for us because we are trying to concentrate on whatever we are doing. i am laughing at the fact that my science book has a million typo's in it. and then someone says a stupid joke, and someone always laughs while the other is saying how stupid it was. then merrick says that we shouldn't say stupid because its a bad word. so we irritate him by saying stupid over, and over, and over again (i know, were horrible sisters). . .

but all in all, were a small, but big, happy family.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

a perfect setting to me.

after playing a game with my mother, sister, and brother. I went to the kitchen to attack it. don't be that silly, you know what i mean by that. but after putting food away, putting dishes in the dishwasher, washing dishes that don't get cleaned in the dishwasher, and then wiping down the counters. i made sure that some lights were on and some weren't so the kitchen looked cooler (cause thats just totally a me thing to do. i also do that when i am done cleaning the bathroom. and im not sure why i just told you that. but you know now!). replayed michael bubles new cd that we got (i was listening to it while i was cleaning the kitchen. it would have been pretty funny having someone walk in during the first few songs though. i was having fun dancing to the music. who knows what that looks like!). i made some hot chocolate, got my journal, a pen, and staring writing in my journal. while taking sips here and there. liana happened to walk in while i was writing and asked if i was writing a book. hey, you never know. maybe it will be a book some day. doubtful, but you know. : )

fall is definitely my favorite time of year. i love it. all the colors. looking around as you take walks you see some trees that are all red and the leaves are almost gone. and most of them are still green and bushy. very confused trees if you ask me.
some fall decorations are out. all the candles that are around the house, usually somehow have brown in them, or a spicy orange color. which i like.
with the leaves on the ground it reminds me of when we would have to rake all the leaves (which we didn't enjoy), but did enjoy our games we would play. there is the one where someone lays down and gets covered with leaves. when everyone hides, the monster gets up and tries to find them. and over all it really is fun. or you could just have a leaf war. those are fun too. everyone getting leaves and grass in the mouth, and hair and just all over! but any ways. . .

i am tired, and ready for bed. for i must get up tomorrow and do my school (and other things of course).

so off i go. . .

Monday, September 17, 2007

two girls and one boy are home right now.
other boys are at school. and the other girls are in syracuse with their new niece. of course, when one particular sister is in syracuse she always goes here. this time its for jeans.
who knows when they will get home, all in know is that we have to get ready for a guy from spain, whom i don't know at all. it will be fun having someone from spain here again, although he is not daniela or stephanie, it will still be fun (i hope).

after lunch we took a walk. liana and merrick went to the park, and since i didn't want to go there i went to the cemetery in stead. in fact, their not even back yet. i have the house to myself for a little bit. nice.
it is beautiful out though. the sun is shining but you can still tell that fall is coming. the trees are turning orange, yellow, red, and brown. and there is a wind in the air that always is here when fall is. i love it. it makes my hair look crazy so i scare the whole neighborhood when i am walking, but i really don't care. oh, the kids on the school bus just stare at me too. how nice is that. but i really do enjoy it. wait, i don't enjoy the kids staring at me. i enjoy the wind. just making sure: )

well, back to school and cleaning i go. other wise i will feel like i did nothing what so ever. and i don't like feeling like that. but whatever.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


although their sister is in the hospital, they keep on their routine. no matter what time they went to bed, 6:30 is set on their alarm clocks which is somewhere in their head.
i am still happy to get little kiddles out of their beds and go down stairs and just sit with them. or have aunt wease put charlottes web on so they can sit and drink their juice.
but all the while they are running around in the little yellow house playing with toys, or reading books. their daddy is in syracuse looking over is little baby girl. baby aubrey.

Friday, September 14, 2007

baby aubrey.

another niece. a cute little girl.
little, tiny, and adorable.
although i have not seen her eye to eye,
i can see her and say "my, my, my."
aubrey you have a special spot in me.
and forever it shall always be.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i am at the yellow house. the one with a porch and inside holds some very precious people. two adults who are so close to me, and three little kids playing with toys. all three very important. but whenever i walk into their bedroom, one of the first things i see is a piece of paper that is framed. there is a little girl asleep in her bed. but underneath her it says

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
May angels watch me through the night,
And wake me with the morning light.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


its raining outside and kids are running around with lightsabers in hand. correcting each other with the right lines to say, or the right way to fight in this one particular scene.
or maybe one is dressed as a princess, all pretty in pink. with heels, that she uses as phones. and a crown that makes her even more cute.
there is also the wanderer. who walks around the house, observing everything everyone is doing. he might join in with the other kids at some point, but that is rare. you will see a red head moving around, making little babbles here and there.

the three little kids are here for the day. our sister went shopping for her birthday, dropping the kids off and making a trip to watertown.
we don't have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day, or kids running around chasing each other. its fun for us to have this excitement around every now and then.
how often does a little three year old girl say to you, "how is your lipstick?" not very often i am assuming. but it happened to me. : )
the night has come. everyone is tired. little kids went home to their warm soft beds for a nights sleep. and i will be heading up soon too. our eyes are heavy, and are getting heavier by the minute.
soon, lights will be out and it will be silent except for the sound of the washer, dryer, and the dishwasher too. all you will see is a white house with a red roof. but soon, when the night is over. all will be up again, all awake. to do the days work again. but again they will be asleep. all silent except for the noise the washer, dryer, and dishwasher are making. because in the end, it is all just repeating itself again.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i woke up at eight dreading the thought of having to get up. but really, after the shower. it wasn't that bad. after showers i always feel energetic. and if you have my mind, while you are in the shower you plan what your going to wear. thats if your me though.
the boys didn't leave for school yet but were getting ready. when i walked downstairs one of them was putting stuff in his back-pack. he asked me if liana was up. "nope" was my response. *shes still snoring in her bed* is what i thought but didn't say. "tell her that the toll house bars are really good even though im fasting." i didn't say anything, which was quite dumb of me. i could have fixed his facts. but i just walked on.

another beautiful day. sunny, a little windy. a perfect day for reading a book outside. which i will probably do if it is still nice when i go outside. what makes the day even more nice is diana krall, the sun shining into the kitchen, and french toast and bacon being made. coffee aroma in the room. one sister still has to get up. can you guess which one?!

tomorrow we will be at clarkson performing. the whole family will be. well, most of the family at any rate. we wish the whole family : )
shania twain, alsion krauss, melissa ethridge, dixie chicks, nickel creek, keith urban, fountains of wayne, and more. yes i know, more still. crazy how much we can do.

i must go and get ready for breakfast. i hope you enjoy yours too.

p.s. by the way. i made the toll house bars.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

:: keith urban

:: toll house cookies

:: crazy sisters dancing

:: hot dogs for a younger brother

:: the kitchen is very warm because of the oven

i feel like its another summer night. . .

Saturday, August 25, 2007

i am sitting in my parents room sitting on their bed. in their room they have a box with lots of fun things. when i say fun, i mean dress-up sort of fun. the kind where you look at it and it reminds you of the tea party's, the ballet dancers, the evil cook with all the potions, and of course when someone had friends over we would have the two princesses, a cook, and the dashing young man who kidnapped one of the princesses. the only reason why i am saying dashing is because thats how julia would always describe her character. 'course i was always the cook. the cook was trying to help the "dashing young man" kidnap one of the gorgeous princesses (which is probably why they never picked me to be one of the gorgeous princesses, i just didn't fit the part). so the cook put sleeping pills into the princesses tea so they would fall asleep and we could carry her into our parents bedroom which was the dashing young mans home. and we would do that whole story once or twice and then do something else.
but let me tell you, there were some pretty funny things in it. like all the drama in it. one sister is particularly good at that, but i won't name who!

sounds fun eh? i bet you wish you could have joined in on our fun : )

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

three walks in one day.

one walk -

we started off with me in the middle. i finally told them, "can i be on the outside?" they were thoroughly confused. "whenever i am in the middle of two people i can't walk straight."
i know, im strange. but its true. i can't walk straight when i am in the middle of two people. go ahead, say that im weird.

two walks -

i needed my daily exercise. now what am i talking about. i had already gone on a walk to the bank and library with my sisters, and now i need my exercise?! im nuts. but obviously i thought that i should still go on a walk. a walk around the block. church street, north street, around the cemetery, main street, and my home. nice walk. only whenever i go on a walk they always seem to go fast. but i guess that is expected with my long legs, and how big my steps are.

three walks -

julia and i were going to try to find her (a few minutes before she had left on a walk). we didn't end up finding her, but went straight to the home town cafe for some ice cream while figuring out a set list for julia. cookie dough and black raspberry. we had quite the conversation. a funny one. but as i can't really remember the funny moments in the conversation, i won't tell you the conversation. sorry.

maybe today i will take another three walks. you never know : )

Sunday, August 19, 2007

relaxing some more.

after a week of vacationing at my aunt judy's, we are all ready for long naps. how does that work? i thought vacation's are supposed to be for relaxing and resting more then you normally would. with us, its actually the opposite.

you stay up late, and wake up early. only because we have some little kids who get up very early.

i don't mind it that much though. having a cute little red head tackle you (which is just falling on you) isn't bad at all. or having a red head give you sloberoo's (no clue how to spell it) is quite funny. because usually someone doesn't lift my shirt and spit on my stomach. he is to funny.
but after a week of fun we come home to reality. fortunately the house was pretty much clean, except for a huge pile of mail which i had to sort out because no one else wanted that job.

sunday is already gone. well, not completely, but close. i sang on the worship team, and during the sermon i was a bad little girl and slept in my daddy's office. ate a bagel and a half and waited to go home. i basically did nothing at home. but at six-ish i took a walk around the block. the sun was going down, and it was beautiful. as i walked past ryan and danica's first home i wondered, who was living there and what they were like. and just thought how weird it is that my sister and brother in-law don't live there anymore. how odd. but we gotta face reality.
my little brother is in bed, and i am the only other one home (besides grandpa and grandma). coffee, diana krall, and writing a post. i love it.

p.s. random: on north street there is a guy who has a red fro. and today as we were leaving church liana and i saw him golfing. only the weird part is that "the fro guy" didn't have a fro. he had short hair.
as you can tell, we've never seen him before without a fro. so this is pretty weird.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

on our way

tomorrow we will be on our way to LI for vacation.


i will write when we get back.

Friday, August 3, 2007

last night i saw the music man. i sat in my seat waiting for it to begin. anxious to see what it would be like for myself since everyone has said how great it is. the music started playing and it reminded me of how much i love this show. all the music got me excited. the curtains went up and if i remember correctly. i never moved in my seat. i just stayed in one position the whole time (until the intermission of course). but, the show was wonderful and everyone did very well.
we got home pretty late only because we all went to Sergi's and had a great time.
today is pretty windy. which i love. i love standing in a field, with a skirt, and my hair just going everywhere. i love that feeling. it feels so good to me somehow. most people think wind is annoying. at that point, their just weird to me.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


all four girls are gone.

four girls have left to their homes.

all four wished they could stay longer.

four girls took walks, played games, and did more with us.

all four were very sad to leave.

four girls want to come back. . .

which the big sum of us wouldn't mind.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ahh yes, a perfect time to post. the whole house is almost empty. the sound of crickets and classical guitar is so wonderful at this moment.
it is now dark outside, which means i probably won't be taking a walk at this point. i was planning on cleaning the upstairs bathroom, taking a walk, and then just for fun while only two other people are here i would paint my toenails and fingernails. that seems quite odd. especially when the other two people in the house are jamie and julia. why would it be fun to paint my toenails and fingernails when no giddy girls are around? well, i guess one reason is because no one would yell at me when i would mess-up (which is quite rare). but somehow the walk was pushed to the side because obviously painting my nails is so much more fun. : )
i can't concentrate on writing a post when tons of people are around the house laughing, talking loud, playing games, and practicing. but rather when only a couple other people are here and its nice and quiet. another favorite is to go over to church when no one else is there and just play my heart out. but that of course has nothing to do with posting.

waking up literally outside with the sun pouring down on you feels so good. so good you don't want to get up. but somehow i am able to just get out of bed and get ready for the day without thinking about what a beautiful day it is. how could i do that?

this past month i think i have watched more movies than i ever have in a month and ever will. in less i am sick for a long period of time which wouldn't be good because at that point it would be a very serious sickness. wow. anyways. you get my point there.
most of the time when i read posts they are quiz's or tests they did and then if you want to comment you have to do the quiz or test and let them know your answers. how would you feel good when you press publish post when your just posting a quiz or test? i only feel good when i write more than three sentences.

in a moment i think i will go and get a cup of coffee, light the candles in the porch, and listen to diana krall. that sounds so good. so i think im gonna leave you guys for a cup-a-coffee and diana.


Monday, July 23, 2007

strolling down the sidewalk with three little kids and a friend from spain. two kids silently sit in the stroller, while the other is helping with the pushing of the stroller while talking his head off. i enjoyed his small talk. asking him about what his favorite star wars episode is made our conversation even longer. number 10 is his favorite. i love the creativity little boys have. salso is one i have never heard before. and i guessed the wrong number of arms. not four, three.

two friends from spain have been here for almost a month. how is that possible. it feels like they have only been here for a week. although there is pretty much a week left of entertaining these two young lady's, i think we will be cramming as much as we can for the last week of them being in america.

so off i go to spend one more week with some very fun girls.

Monday, July 9, 2007

randomness that i wrote

some of you think that i write well, and you enjoy reading what i have written.
well, when i write a post it always takes a few tries until i get the "right post." i may write a whole post, read it, and erase the whole thing because i don't like the way it sounds. it has to be intriguing not only to all of you, but me also. i don't like saying for example,

"today i got up, had breakfast, did some chores, practiced piano, did some other things, and now i am ready for bed. sounds fun huh. well, i don't know what to write so i guess i will go to bed. night."

i have to say something like that, only as if it was in a story. a story about my life and what i do. do you understand me?
last night was most unfortunate for me. waking up ready to puke wasn't in my book of how the night should go. i was supposed to sleep the whole night through, without waking up at all. even though it poured rain last night, that wasn't supposed to wake me up. but i do feel better now, so tonight i will be able to go to the girls pajama party. yes, we are having a pajama party. okay, at first it was just a night at the hulls for daniela, stephanie, julia, liana, and i. then we decided that it would be fun to have mrs. hull to sleep with us 'cause she is so funny. when my mom heard that she decided that she should come along to. so now its not just a night over at the hulls, its a pajama party. it shall be fun.
it was sunny, warm, and humid. theres no other way of putting it. you were warm not matter what, and always sweaty. then you could hear thunder. more thunder. rain started coming down slowly, and then within a minute started pouring. i thought that after last night we would have gotten enough rain, i guess not. pouring rain now, plus last nights pour the plants definitely don't need any more water. but when this happens i love watching the rain suddenly stop and the sun comes out from behind the clouds and it isn't as dark any more.
more must fill my day besides writing a post before we leave for the hulls. things that i haven't done yet. chores, more chores, and some practicing.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


at dinner i smiled.

i smiled when bronwyn said "i made dinna wid nana!"

i smiled when gabriel was standing on the front porch waiting for uncle merrick to come home. or when he says, "cordowroy."

i smiled when jackson said cawr, and boohk.

these moments will be kept in my heart and more will be piled in there until i can't fit anymore. i just hope i don't forget those memories.

and i never ever want to forget them when they say. . .

aunt meils

Saturday, June 23, 2007

i just finished making my first pound cake. i think it will turn out pretty well. hopefully good enough to eat. yes, you read that it was my first time to make a pound cake. since i have six sisters i have never really had to make anything because there were already enough girls to make the whole meal. i guess i was kind of lucky not having to make much. but now days i wish i knew how to make a lot more then i do. not to long from now i will be the one making dinner and dessert. it might be fun at first, making all sorts of things that are quite delicious, and obviously some things won't be as good because i will at some point get something wrong. right now i am helping with dinner because there are only two sisters home right now, but one is busy with three children, and the other is busy with work, animal sitting for the weekend and more. two more girls are in Spain on a missions trip, another in Germany, and the last one just moved to CA. lots to keep track of!
today was another cold day. we were wearing pants, sweat shirt's, and socks. little jacks lips were turning purple and his hands were ice cold. if i was cold for a little longer my lips would have turned purple too. my hands and feet were already quite cold, and were turning purple because they were so cold. i was cold but my brain didn't stop working, so i headed up stairs to put on a sweat, sweat shirt, pants, and socks. i would have put on some mittens too but decided that that was just a little too extreme. you probably noticed that i said that jacks lips were turning purple and my hands and feet were too. we are very much a like. not only do we look a like but have some odd similarities.
by lunch it was nice and warm. so we sat on our porch which is so nice to have in the summer for meals and just hanging out on. the kids went outside while brietta and i sat on the porch with computers on laps, playing miniclip games so that not only could be have fun, but we would be able to watch the kids as well.
after a little bit we heard jackson crying (which isn't to surprising), and it didn't really stop until i sacrificed not playing the game and went to get him. bronwyn also came inside with a little surprise. she had green marker on her hands, face, and we couldn't forget the shirt. that was that. Nap Time!
it was silent except for merrick. the kids were up stairs taking a much needed nap (minus gabriel who only takes rest's, not naps). i was picking up around the house, sweeping the kitchen and then the porch when my mother and father came home from rehearsals for musicals they are in this summer. so you should come and see them. not to much longer after that i was making the pound cake, which we are hoping we can eat later today.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i never thought i could hate summer so much as i did today. i do love the warm weather with some breeze in the air, but i don't fancy the humidity we had today. i don't like being covered in sweat, and being sticky all the time. yes, being outside doesn't help with staying cool either. running around with nephews chasing you just brings more sweat and stickiness to me. i enjoyed the time though.
bronwyn would rather pick little white flowers for everyone than play some tag or hide and seek. it just didn't work for her. although at times she would scream about and run away from one of us and enjoy playing for a little bit. but, that also failed for entertaining her for more than three minutes at a time.
little gabriel declares that i run to fast and that i should slow down. even though when i do slow down it somehow doesn't do anything to him. but somehow i go slow enough that he does catch me. or it goes the other way around. i slow down, he stops chasing me and cries because i am running to fast. at that point i just wish that i was his height so that we could run at the same speed, and i also think we would probably have more fun. but the truth is. . .

he's short and i am tall.


lately i have been interested in this. see how good you are at it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

shes funny.

sleeping next to bronwyn is quite interesting.

:: her every twenty minute suck on her pacifier just cracks me up.

:: the habit of moving to every possible position on the bed is quite uncomfortable for me but maybe not as uncomfortable for her.

:: every now and then she might push her hair back in every possible way so that it isn't in her face...well, at least not so much.

:: since she has slept on my bed with me, almost every night she has fallen off of it. i haven't really enjoyed waking up in the middle of the night, but i think i will survive.

the best is when shes not sleeping, and is singing...

"i know you,
i danced with you once upon a

at the top of her lungs.

Friday, June 8, 2007

time to post again.

its time that i post. i haven't for a while and i should, even though i don't feel like it. whenever i say that i should post i get on the computer, log in, and start to post. i might start writing what i did that day, and then decide that i didn't feel like writing about that anymore. so i press backspace and think of what else i could write. nothing. blah. so i get off the computer until i might think that i would like to post. this cycle might repeat a few times, and finally i would think of something. i should write about what i am doing, and what i might be hearing.
the click of the keys on the keyboard are quick, and sounds as if my fingers don't know what they are typing but just are pressing down on all the keys.
the sound of a pages flipping that's in a book. to be exact, "eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. my grandpapa reads quickly and understands everything even though the page flips every few minutes. and when he reads quickly i think of these two people that are similar to grandpa when it comes to reading.
she is cleaning the kitchen or something that is not in this room. but as she is doing whatever she is doing, you can hear duncan sheik singing with string instruments in the back round, and maybe some electric guitar. you also hear her singing along with it.

i used to think that when my sisters would go lay outside in the sun, i thought they were weird, especially with the fact that they wanted a tan. now its my turn to lay outside in the grass or on a towel. she actually saw me when she dropped her daughter off to hang out with us for the afternoon. but whenever i lay outside in the very warm sun, i'm not hoping for a tan or a burn. im hoping to look normal after laying out there. but i know that either way, im gonna turn red.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

my lucky fall.

i was waiting for the time where we needed to get ready for liana's violin recital, and i got something to do while waiting. i got to answer the phone. on the other line was my father wanting to speak to my mother. eager to bring the phone to my mother (wanting to do something with all my energy) i started running through the house. through the kitchen, dining room, and half of the hallway when all of the sudden i tripped on the rug that is in front of the bench, literally flew all the way to the other end of it. i almost landed on my face, but thankfully learning at a young age from my brother jamie, you should put your hands down when your going to fall on your face. this helped my face, but not my right knee. i got a horrable rug burn. it doesn't look like one at all. instead it looks like i cut a layer of my skin off somehow. i got through the quick pain, and went to the kitchen to clean the cut and put something on it so it wouldn't get infected. if peter and kelly were here a few minutes earlier than when they had come for their guitar lesson, they would have gotten to see the whole show. maybe its a good thing that they didn't though. :)
i was able to get ready for the recital, and that obviously took a few minutes.
the recital went well, and it wasn't to hard for me. i am glad that i was able to finish one thing that night though...

i got to bring the phone to my mom.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

the event at the bank.

along with todays package there was going to the madrid HSBC bank. i have never actually been in there, and i realized that when i walked in there. to merrick, it didn't matter if he had been in there or knew the people. it just mattered if he got the big $10.00 from the bank if he got a savings account. he got one first. he was able to tell emily (the worker) when his birthday was, half of his address, his phone number, he told her how to spell his name and partially his last name. he signed his name, he even told her that in 10 days was his birthday. thats the only other thing that mattered right then and still does. his birthday is in ten days. after he was done getting his account he wandered off into lala land, trying to figure out which lollipop to eat. after i was done giving my information i turned around and merrick said to us that he just saw a girl that looked like me when i was younger. this somehow excited him. its like he's never seen another red head besides his four sisters (technically 3 right now). thankfully there weren't to many people there and everyone just laughed.

the joy of brothers that are seven years old and turning eight in 10 days.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

few tid-bits

i just enjoyed a walk to church with this sister and this little boy. he would talk here and then, but surprisingly enough, he didn't talk that often. he was obviously intrigued by something. maybe the motorcycles that went by us, maybe the dog in the truck we went by, maybe the sounds of workers on church street. who knows.
a FedEx worker walked by us and said hi. jameson laughed.

tonight we will go to another musical rehearsal. we will run through act two. okay, we won't run through it but will somehow manage to get to the end of the act. I can't wait to see it finished.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have had this cough/cold thing for a little bit now, and it isn't fun. I try to sleep as much as I can but always seem to fail. my mother even put a towel over our window to make it less bright. I fail to sleep in even with that. I find that even if I try really hard, I never seem to sleep in at all.
I went to the musical rehearsal yesterday (and thankfully it wasn't until 12:30) which didn't help with me having a stuffy and runny nose, and hardly being able to breath through my mouth. but I survived. I was aloud to take a walk outside where it had a very reasonable temperature, but even just walking around the church a couple times didn't help me with how annoyed I was for being stuck in this big building where I had nothing to do. I went home and was able to rest, but still knowing that my mother was hard at work trying to get the kids to pay attention to her while she was giving directions and more.

this morning I woke up at 8:30, but knowing I was sick just read a book that I was enjoying very much. I finished the book with anticipation to start reading the next one that was in the series. when I went downstairs to get the next book I got myself a glass of juice reminding myself of what my mother has been telling me..."drink lots and lots." I finally took a shower at quarter to twelve (i know, isn't that late!). it made me feel better though.
so today I finished a book, read a another whole book, and started another one. thats pretty good for me, especially with the fact that I don't enjoy reading that much. but what else was I supposed to do? these books I somehow find entertaining, and they just happen to be the love comes softly series. what can I say. their fun books.
reading that much also means that I was in my bedroom for most of the day. after reading that much I was annoyed. I wasn't able to take long walks like I love to do. but only see the bright sun shining outside from my bedroom window. yes I know, I didn't have to be up there all day...but I thought that I should enjoy being able to be in my bedroom for the long a period while I can!
me thinking that I should make sure that I am warm, put a long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt on. after feeling so warm that I could faint finally put a short-sleeved shirt on. don't ask me how I took that long to realize that I could actually do that (I am a ditz sometimes!).

and now that I have told you about how I have been, you can let me know how you have been. but I have to go see if merrick turned his light out yet (he doesn't exactly always obey).

Friday, April 6, 2007

spring time.

right now there is a little layer of snow flakes. they make me wonder if every easter is going to be like this. snow.

but I love spring. the smell of the air is completely different when it is spring. soon you will be smelling the fresh cut grass, the fragments of flowers, the scent of candles that are out on the porch where people will be laughing about silly things we have done.
you might hear the little laughs of children that play all over the neighborhood, the sound of bicycles going here and there that have the 5 year olds on them that will pretend that they are a motorcycle, you will probably definitely hear the motorcycles that have the men and sometimes lady's with the tattoo's everywhere (not my favorite).

we are awaiting the arrival of our new dresses and new shoes that are mama has bought. yippee! I will let you know right now. that when they arrive, you might here some excitement from four just might:)

there is no friday school today, so we are all enjoying the rest. so, in the next couple days we will be cleaning the house, getting tables ready, making more food, making sure we have the right amount of silverware, plates, glasses, and more. we will be busy. doing some of the stuff today along with babysitting a cute little girl. it shall be fun.

Friday, March 23, 2007


something odd : right now it somehow smells like a new car, and personally I don't like that type of smell. oh well. hopefully it will go away.

merrick is sleeping right now. which means I don't have to entertain him at all for now. =)

the other day I went down stairs (and it just happened to be that I was the last one down) and everyone looked at my pants. they weren't completely wild or crazy, they were jeans. I just made a funny look at them. finally, she was nice enough to tell me what they were looking short my jeans had gotten on me. ok, they weren't that short, but they got shorter. And carina just had to measure me. first, she saw that I was about an inch taller than the refrigerator, so she measured the fridge. I know, thats kinda weird to do...but it works. so that morning we found out that I am 5'9"...scary.
today as I was leaving from Friday school she said that I should be a model for this place. I am not sure why she picked that exact spot, but hey, whatever.

I don't really feel like writing anymore.

Can you keep up?
Baby boy, make me lose my breath
Bring the noise, make me lose my breath
Hit me Hard, make me lose my (Hah Hah)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I now understand why the header is the header.

You could probably just tell by looking at me but...

I love music.

It's a fact...


I know you do to.