Tuesday, April 24, 2007

few tid-bits

i just enjoyed a walk to church with this sister and this little boy. he would talk here and then, but surprisingly enough, he didn't talk that often. he was obviously intrigued by something. maybe the motorcycles that went by us, maybe the dog in the truck we went by, maybe the sounds of workers on church street. who knows.
a FedEx worker walked by us and said hi. jameson laughed.

tonight we will go to another musical rehearsal. we will run through act two. okay, we won't run through it but will somehow manage to get to the end of the act. I can't wait to see it finished.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have had this cough/cold thing for a little bit now, and it isn't fun. I try to sleep as much as I can but always seem to fail. my mother even put a towel over our window to make it less bright. I fail to sleep in even with that. I find that even if I try really hard, I never seem to sleep in at all.
I went to the musical rehearsal yesterday (and thankfully it wasn't until 12:30) which didn't help with me having a stuffy and runny nose, and hardly being able to breath through my mouth. but I survived. I was aloud to take a walk outside where it had a very reasonable temperature, but even just walking around the church a couple times didn't help me with how annoyed I was for being stuck in this big building where I had nothing to do. I went home and was able to rest, but still knowing that my mother was hard at work trying to get the kids to pay attention to her while she was giving directions and more.

this morning I woke up at 8:30, but knowing I was sick just read a book that I was enjoying very much. I finished the book with anticipation to start reading the next one that was in the series. when I went downstairs to get the next book I got myself a glass of juice reminding myself of what my mother has been telling me..."drink lots and lots." I finally took a shower at quarter to twelve (i know, isn't that late!). it made me feel better though.
so today I finished a book, read a another whole book, and started another one. thats pretty good for me, especially with the fact that I don't enjoy reading that much. but what else was I supposed to do? these books I somehow find entertaining, and they just happen to be the love comes softly series. what can I say. their fun books.
reading that much also means that I was in my bedroom for most of the day. after reading that much I was annoyed. I wasn't able to take long walks like I love to do. but only see the bright sun shining outside from my bedroom window. yes I know, I didn't have to be up there all day...but I thought that I should enjoy being able to be in my bedroom for the long a period while I can!
me thinking that I should make sure that I am warm, put a long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt on. after feeling so warm that I could faint finally put a short-sleeved shirt on. don't ask me how I took that long to realize that I could actually do that (I am a ditz sometimes!).

and now that I have told you about how I have been, you can let me know how you have been. but I have to go see if merrick turned his light out yet (he doesn't exactly always obey).

Friday, April 6, 2007

spring time.

right now there is a little layer of snow flakes. they make me wonder if every easter is going to be like this. snow.

but I love spring. the smell of the air is completely different when it is spring. soon you will be smelling the fresh cut grass, the fragments of flowers, the scent of candles that are out on the porch where people will be laughing about silly things we have done.
you might hear the little laughs of children that play all over the neighborhood, the sound of bicycles going here and there that have the 5 year olds on them that will pretend that they are a motorcycle, you will probably definitely hear the motorcycles that have the men and sometimes lady's with the tattoo's everywhere (not my favorite).

we are awaiting the arrival of our new dresses and new shoes that are mama has bought. yippee! I will let you know right now. that when they arrive, you might here some excitement from four girls...you just might:)

there is no friday school today, so we are all enjoying the rest. so, in the next couple days we will be cleaning the house, getting tables ready, making more food, making sure we have the right amount of silverware, plates, glasses, and more. we will be busy. doing some of the stuff today along with babysitting a cute little girl. it shall be fun.