Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Martin Roberts

Many a memory happy and sad.
Some to remember forever,
Others no regret to forget --
Must I live through this misery?
Where my children have passed me by and some to stay beside me?
Where day by day I am reminded of my losses and not of my gains?
But at the end of my time,
May I see all the blessings I have collected,
And not the ones I have lost.
Indeed, do not let me pass in misery,
But of a grateful heart that has been able to see much.

Malorian Rich

Somehow we were content,
We were happy with our lives.
My mother and father always kept strong,
And I did my best to keep strong.

When my father was young he fought in war.
We would ask for stories about it,
But he would just tell us that you have to be,
A very brave man to be in battle.

My father was always by my mothers side.
He was with her when she had children,
And most of all when a son or daughter would die.
They loved each other very much and helped each other
Get through anything.

Soon enough I grew up,
And soon my family passed away.
Sibling after sibling did they leave this world.

Mother passed,
And a while later father followed.

I was the last to leave,
The last to die.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tell Me.

Tell me love,
Are the trees still green? And the sky a faint blue?
Do you hear the whisper of the wind that slowly controls you?
Are the woods still dark, and is there still that crack,
That when you step on a stick it snaps right in half?

Tell me dear one,
Does the piano still play,
As beautifully as I remember it playing that day?
Do the sliding doors still screech when you pull them,
And the floor still creek even as you glide once more?
Do all of these things happen,
Or are they left abandoned where none makes a sound?

Tell me again,
That you love me forever.
For with no sight at all,
I cannot tell,
If what you say,
Is not just a fairytale.

Tell me once more,
That you love me forever.
But do it in some way that I can understand,
For I cannot hear as I once did.
So take my hand and tell me through that,
You'll love me forever,
And that,
You won't regret.