Friday, September 28, 2007

us. . .

it doesn't matter what time we go to bed. whenever we get up were still tired. were not very motivated, and energetic when we have to say good morning to everyone. although most everyone else is ready for the days activities, three other girls (sometimes its just me) are just sitting staring at the table sort of drifting off. in less of course, your so tired that you have way to much energy. but often tired enough where you said proverbs 9:10 with everyone else, but mess up when you have to say it alone. yes, now the family is saying verses together and discussing them. you can't forget all the questions we get from a certain eight year old boy who attempts to do his hair, and is told that he looks like a nutty professor, like in flubber.
but after boys go to school, a father goes to work, and two sisters go to work. it still manages to get quite loud with all five of us home. of course its loud. guitar, piano, and violin is being practiced. and the house about to explode because of someones vocal cords that sometimes go to high for us to handle.
whenever we are all around the kitchen table doing history, science, math, spelling, vocab, and maybe nonsense. we normally don't get a ton done. merrick is always trying to figure out a math or an english problem, but has to say it all out loud which is annoying for us because we are trying to concentrate on whatever we are doing. i am laughing at the fact that my science book has a million typo's in it. and then someone says a stupid joke, and someone always laughs while the other is saying how stupid it was. then merrick says that we shouldn't say stupid because its a bad word. so we irritate him by saying stupid over, and over, and over again (i know, were horrible sisters). . .

but all in all, were a small, but big, happy family.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

a perfect setting to me.

after playing a game with my mother, sister, and brother. I went to the kitchen to attack it. don't be that silly, you know what i mean by that. but after putting food away, putting dishes in the dishwasher, washing dishes that don't get cleaned in the dishwasher, and then wiping down the counters. i made sure that some lights were on and some weren't so the kitchen looked cooler (cause thats just totally a me thing to do. i also do that when i am done cleaning the bathroom. and im not sure why i just told you that. but you know now!). replayed michael bubles new cd that we got (i was listening to it while i was cleaning the kitchen. it would have been pretty funny having someone walk in during the first few songs though. i was having fun dancing to the music. who knows what that looks like!). i made some hot chocolate, got my journal, a pen, and staring writing in my journal. while taking sips here and there. liana happened to walk in while i was writing and asked if i was writing a book. hey, you never know. maybe it will be a book some day. doubtful, but you know. : )

fall is definitely my favorite time of year. i love it. all the colors. looking around as you take walks you see some trees that are all red and the leaves are almost gone. and most of them are still green and bushy. very confused trees if you ask me.
some fall decorations are out. all the candles that are around the house, usually somehow have brown in them, or a spicy orange color. which i like.
with the leaves on the ground it reminds me of when we would have to rake all the leaves (which we didn't enjoy), but did enjoy our games we would play. there is the one where someone lays down and gets covered with leaves. when everyone hides, the monster gets up and tries to find them. and over all it really is fun. or you could just have a leaf war. those are fun too. everyone getting leaves and grass in the mouth, and hair and just all over! but any ways. . .

i am tired, and ready for bed. for i must get up tomorrow and do my school (and other things of course).

so off i go. . .

Monday, September 17, 2007

two girls and one boy are home right now.
other boys are at school. and the other girls are in syracuse with their new niece. of course, when one particular sister is in syracuse she always goes here. this time its for jeans.
who knows when they will get home, all in know is that we have to get ready for a guy from spain, whom i don't know at all. it will be fun having someone from spain here again, although he is not daniela or stephanie, it will still be fun (i hope).

after lunch we took a walk. liana and merrick went to the park, and since i didn't want to go there i went to the cemetery in stead. in fact, their not even back yet. i have the house to myself for a little bit. nice.
it is beautiful out though. the sun is shining but you can still tell that fall is coming. the trees are turning orange, yellow, red, and brown. and there is a wind in the air that always is here when fall is. i love it. it makes my hair look crazy so i scare the whole neighborhood when i am walking, but i really don't care. oh, the kids on the school bus just stare at me too. how nice is that. but i really do enjoy it. wait, i don't enjoy the kids staring at me. i enjoy the wind. just making sure: )

well, back to school and cleaning i go. other wise i will feel like i did nothing what so ever. and i don't like feeling like that. but whatever.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


although their sister is in the hospital, they keep on their routine. no matter what time they went to bed, 6:30 is set on their alarm clocks which is somewhere in their head.
i am still happy to get little kiddles out of their beds and go down stairs and just sit with them. or have aunt wease put charlottes web on so they can sit and drink their juice.
but all the while they are running around in the little yellow house playing with toys, or reading books. their daddy is in syracuse looking over is little baby girl. baby aubrey.

Friday, September 14, 2007

baby aubrey.

another niece. a cute little girl.
little, tiny, and adorable.
although i have not seen her eye to eye,
i can see her and say "my, my, my."
aubrey you have a special spot in me.
and forever it shall always be.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i am at the yellow house. the one with a porch and inside holds some very precious people. two adults who are so close to me, and three little kids playing with toys. all three very important. but whenever i walk into their bedroom, one of the first things i see is a piece of paper that is framed. there is a little girl asleep in her bed. but underneath her it says

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
May angels watch me through the night,
And wake me with the morning light.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


its raining outside and kids are running around with lightsabers in hand. correcting each other with the right lines to say, or the right way to fight in this one particular scene.
or maybe one is dressed as a princess, all pretty in pink. with heels, that she uses as phones. and a crown that makes her even more cute.
there is also the wanderer. who walks around the house, observing everything everyone is doing. he might join in with the other kids at some point, but that is rare. you will see a red head moving around, making little babbles here and there.

the three little kids are here for the day. our sister went shopping for her birthday, dropping the kids off and making a trip to watertown.
we don't have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day, or kids running around chasing each other. its fun for us to have this excitement around every now and then.
how often does a little three year old girl say to you, "how is your lipstick?" not very often i am assuming. but it happened to me. : )
the night has come. everyone is tired. little kids went home to their warm soft beds for a nights sleep. and i will be heading up soon too. our eyes are heavy, and are getting heavier by the minute.
soon, lights will be out and it will be silent except for the sound of the washer, dryer, and the dishwasher too. all you will see is a white house with a red roof. but soon, when the night is over. all will be up again, all awake. to do the days work again. but again they will be asleep. all silent except for the noise the washer, dryer, and dishwasher are making. because in the end, it is all just repeating itself again.