Saturday, July 26, 2008

self portrait

Merrick and I. . .

this is one of my favorite self portraits. . .

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Thursday, July 10, 2008


this evening I was just sitting while my younger brother was playing with his nephew from California, and I couldn't help it but just wonder as to why they might enjoy such a way of playing. . .Jameson was locked (somehow, I'm not sure how) in a tent while his uncle, that is only nine years old, yelled very harshly all the sudden into the tent with a face that would have scared many I am sure. at this the nephew only laughed after being a bit frightened, then would only enjoy it over and over again.

isn't being scared what we don't want? if any of us have a somewhat scary dream, we all wish that it would be gone of our minds forever. and yet at some points when we are scared we only laugh at ourselves for even looking a bit frightened or maybe for some of us, at the little scream that might come out at the shock and excitement that just happened. and forever, it seems as if it might be a funny memory.

it is quite strange, I must say. . .