Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ahh yes, a perfect time to post. the whole house is almost empty. the sound of crickets and classical guitar is so wonderful at this moment.
it is now dark outside, which means i probably won't be taking a walk at this point. i was planning on cleaning the upstairs bathroom, taking a walk, and then just for fun while only two other people are here i would paint my toenails and fingernails. that seems quite odd. especially when the other two people in the house are jamie and julia. why would it be fun to paint my toenails and fingernails when no giddy girls are around? well, i guess one reason is because no one would yell at me when i would mess-up (which is quite rare). but somehow the walk was pushed to the side because obviously painting my nails is so much more fun. : )
i can't concentrate on writing a post when tons of people are around the house laughing, talking loud, playing games, and practicing. but rather when only a couple other people are here and its nice and quiet. another favorite is to go over to church when no one else is there and just play my heart out. but that of course has nothing to do with posting.

waking up literally outside with the sun pouring down on you feels so good. so good you don't want to get up. but somehow i am able to just get out of bed and get ready for the day without thinking about what a beautiful day it is. how could i do that?

this past month i think i have watched more movies than i ever have in a month and ever will. in less i am sick for a long period of time which wouldn't be good because at that point it would be a very serious sickness. wow. anyways. you get my point there.
most of the time when i read posts they are quiz's or tests they did and then if you want to comment you have to do the quiz or test and let them know your answers. how would you feel good when you press publish post when your just posting a quiz or test? i only feel good when i write more than three sentences.

in a moment i think i will go and get a cup of coffee, light the candles in the porch, and listen to diana krall. that sounds so good. so i think im gonna leave you guys for a cup-a-coffee and diana.


Monday, July 23, 2007

strolling down the sidewalk with three little kids and a friend from spain. two kids silently sit in the stroller, while the other is helping with the pushing of the stroller while talking his head off. i enjoyed his small talk. asking him about what his favorite star wars episode is made our conversation even longer. number 10 is his favorite. i love the creativity little boys have. salso is one i have never heard before. and i guessed the wrong number of arms. not four, three.

two friends from spain have been here for almost a month. how is that possible. it feels like they have only been here for a week. although there is pretty much a week left of entertaining these two young lady's, i think we will be cramming as much as we can for the last week of them being in america.

so off i go to spend one more week with some very fun girls.

Monday, July 9, 2007

randomness that i wrote

some of you think that i write well, and you enjoy reading what i have written.
well, when i write a post it always takes a few tries until i get the "right post." i may write a whole post, read it, and erase the whole thing because i don't like the way it sounds. it has to be intriguing not only to all of you, but me also. i don't like saying for example,

"today i got up, had breakfast, did some chores, practiced piano, did some other things, and now i am ready for bed. sounds fun huh. well, i don't know what to write so i guess i will go to bed. night."

i have to say something like that, only as if it was in a story. a story about my life and what i do. do you understand me?
last night was most unfortunate for me. waking up ready to puke wasn't in my book of how the night should go. i was supposed to sleep the whole night through, without waking up at all. even though it poured rain last night, that wasn't supposed to wake me up. but i do feel better now, so tonight i will be able to go to the girls pajama party. yes, we are having a pajama party. okay, at first it was just a night at the hulls for daniela, stephanie, julia, liana, and i. then we decided that it would be fun to have mrs. hull to sleep with us 'cause she is so funny. when my mom heard that she decided that she should come along to. so now its not just a night over at the hulls, its a pajama party. it shall be fun.
it was sunny, warm, and humid. theres no other way of putting it. you were warm not matter what, and always sweaty. then you could hear thunder. more thunder. rain started coming down slowly, and then within a minute started pouring. i thought that after last night we would have gotten enough rain, i guess not. pouring rain now, plus last nights pour the plants definitely don't need any more water. but when this happens i love watching the rain suddenly stop and the sun comes out from behind the clouds and it isn't as dark any more.
more must fill my day besides writing a post before we leave for the hulls. things that i haven't done yet. chores, more chores, and some practicing.