Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i woke up at eight dreading the thought of having to get up. but really, after the shower. it wasn't that bad. after showers i always feel energetic. and if you have my mind, while you are in the shower you plan what your going to wear. thats if your me though.
the boys didn't leave for school yet but were getting ready. when i walked downstairs one of them was putting stuff in his back-pack. he asked me if liana was up. "nope" was my response. *shes still snoring in her bed* is what i thought but didn't say. "tell her that the toll house bars are really good even though im fasting." i didn't say anything, which was quite dumb of me. i could have fixed his facts. but i just walked on.

another beautiful day. sunny, a little windy. a perfect day for reading a book outside. which i will probably do if it is still nice when i go outside. what makes the day even more nice is diana krall, the sun shining into the kitchen, and french toast and bacon being made. coffee aroma in the room. one sister still has to get up. can you guess which one?!

tomorrow we will be at clarkson performing. the whole family will be. well, most of the family at any rate. we wish the whole family : )
shania twain, alsion krauss, melissa ethridge, dixie chicks, nickel creek, keith urban, fountains of wayne, and more. yes i know, more still. crazy how much we can do.

i must go and get ready for breakfast. i hope you enjoy yours too.

p.s. by the way. i made the toll house bars.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

:: keith urban

:: toll house cookies

:: crazy sisters dancing

:: hot dogs for a younger brother

:: the kitchen is very warm because of the oven

i feel like its another summer night. . .

Saturday, August 25, 2007

i am sitting in my parents room sitting on their bed. in their room they have a box with lots of fun things. when i say fun, i mean dress-up sort of fun. the kind where you look at it and it reminds you of the tea party's, the ballet dancers, the evil cook with all the potions, and of course when someone had friends over we would have the two princesses, a cook, and the dashing young man who kidnapped one of the princesses. the only reason why i am saying dashing is because thats how julia would always describe her character. 'course i was always the cook. the cook was trying to help the "dashing young man" kidnap one of the gorgeous princesses (which is probably why they never picked me to be one of the gorgeous princesses, i just didn't fit the part). so the cook put sleeping pills into the princesses tea so they would fall asleep and we could carry her into our parents bedroom which was the dashing young mans home. and we would do that whole story once or twice and then do something else.
but let me tell you, there were some pretty funny things in it. like all the drama in it. one sister is particularly good at that, but i won't name who!

sounds fun eh? i bet you wish you could have joined in on our fun : )

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

three walks in one day.

one walk -

we started off with me in the middle. i finally told them, "can i be on the outside?" they were thoroughly confused. "whenever i am in the middle of two people i can't walk straight."
i know, im strange. but its true. i can't walk straight when i am in the middle of two people. go ahead, say that im weird.

two walks -

i needed my daily exercise. now what am i talking about. i had already gone on a walk to the bank and library with my sisters, and now i need my exercise?! im nuts. but obviously i thought that i should still go on a walk. a walk around the block. church street, north street, around the cemetery, main street, and my home. nice walk. only whenever i go on a walk they always seem to go fast. but i guess that is expected with my long legs, and how big my steps are.

three walks -

julia and i were going to try to find her (a few minutes before she had left on a walk). we didn't end up finding her, but went straight to the home town cafe for some ice cream while figuring out a set list for julia. cookie dough and black raspberry. we had quite the conversation. a funny one. but as i can't really remember the funny moments in the conversation, i won't tell you the conversation. sorry.

maybe today i will take another three walks. you never know : )

Sunday, August 19, 2007

relaxing some more.

after a week of vacationing at my aunt judy's, we are all ready for long naps. how does that work? i thought vacation's are supposed to be for relaxing and resting more then you normally would. with us, its actually the opposite.

you stay up late, and wake up early. only because we have some little kids who get up very early.

i don't mind it that much though. having a cute little red head tackle you (which is just falling on you) isn't bad at all. or having a red head give you sloberoo's (no clue how to spell it) is quite funny. because usually someone doesn't lift my shirt and spit on my stomach. he is to funny.
but after a week of fun we come home to reality. fortunately the house was pretty much clean, except for a huge pile of mail which i had to sort out because no one else wanted that job.

sunday is already gone. well, not completely, but close. i sang on the worship team, and during the sermon i was a bad little girl and slept in my daddy's office. ate a bagel and a half and waited to go home. i basically did nothing at home. but at six-ish i took a walk around the block. the sun was going down, and it was beautiful. as i walked past ryan and danica's first home i wondered, who was living there and what they were like. and just thought how weird it is that my sister and brother in-law don't live there anymore. how odd. but we gotta face reality.
my little brother is in bed, and i am the only other one home (besides grandpa and grandma). coffee, diana krall, and writing a post. i love it.

p.s. random: on north street there is a guy who has a red fro. and today as we were leaving church liana and i saw him golfing. only the weird part is that "the fro guy" didn't have a fro. he had short hair.
as you can tell, we've never seen him before without a fro. so this is pretty weird.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

on our way

tomorrow we will be on our way to LI for vacation.


i will write when we get back.

Friday, August 3, 2007

last night i saw the music man. i sat in my seat waiting for it to begin. anxious to see what it would be like for myself since everyone has said how great it is. the music started playing and it reminded me of how much i love this show. all the music got me excited. the curtains went up and if i remember correctly. i never moved in my seat. i just stayed in one position the whole time (until the intermission of course). but, the show was wonderful and everyone did very well.
we got home pretty late only because we all went to Sergi's and had a great time.
today is pretty windy. which i love. i love standing in a field, with a skirt, and my hair just going everywhere. i love that feeling. it feels so good to me somehow. most people think wind is annoying. at that point, their just weird to me.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


all four girls are gone.

four girls have left to their homes.

all four wished they could stay longer.

four girls took walks, played games, and did more with us.

all four were very sad to leave.

four girls want to come back. . .

which the big sum of us wouldn't mind.