Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Word.

A question fills my heart and my mind.
Though short, polite, and quite refined.
Just one word, to share what I really think.
But I say it quite slowly, not intending a blink.
For it sounds like a whisper, it is no harsh sound.
And it leaves your breath hanging, on to the very echo it leaves behind.

As my heart saddens and my throat closes up,
I squeeze that one word out into the open air.
Wondering, not in amazement, but confusion.
These things that just happen, that suddenly appear,
Deserve this one word that only you and I hear.
One word, one breath, is all it needs.

So tell me life's happenings,
You are here, seeming to stay.
No thought of surrendering,
What must happen today.
I ask one little thing,
One word, in one breath.

As I say it, you hear me sigh.
Out of exhaustion, confusion, and everything more.
I say it, and it echos through the walls and floors.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Flying through the air, catching my breathe. My eyes swell with tears from the wind as it crashes against me. My throat closes so no words are of use. My heart sinks plunging into the sea, and my hands shake with fear. My pale skin returns with no good news. Everything seems a blur, no, nothing in focus. The tears my eyes bring drip down across my lips. I sit and forget what joy is, being thrown into this dark place. The wind howls in my ears and the soft whispers of the tormented are all I hear.

Relieve me of this thought, of this pain, of this oppressing way. Let me go, and let there be no more torture. Save me of this misery and let me hear sweet tunes. Let my limbs no longer feel numb so that I may dance in joy and love. But sadness wraps my heart, and no hope is to be found. Not yet.

You are here now. My stomach flutters with the joy that consumes my body. A smile is no longer brief, but seemingly everlasting. A soft pink covers me now, and a sweat comes from being overwhelmed. I jump and dance, yes, a happiness now is within me. For You have come and saved my soul. The darkness no longer wins and no longer do I scream in pain and misery. Your light overcomes everything and the love You pour into my soul is unexplainable.

Walking across the valley I feel You beside me, yes, You are here now.
Don't leave. Please don't.
You are what I need.
You are all I need.