Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hold me.

Hold me, rock me, sing to me.
Stare me down, like a bird to its sea.
Stillness and quiet, what a brave loud sound.
Surrounds my soul, it seems I've been found.
The harshness of the cold, has been too long.
And the notes it creates, can never be my song.
Where has the sun gone, is it lost forever?
Did my soul become, too much to endeavor?
I thought my life, was smaller than the sun.
Can it not hold me, and say "well done"?
So hold me, rock me, sing to me.
Stare me down, like a bird to its sea.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It doesn't matter.

Our eyes had met for just one second,
But then they tore me away.
All was happy for that one short moment,
But then despair and hopelessness wore me down.
"A tout a l'heure" you said to me, as they blinded my last gaze.

From that point I only had dreams,
To dream of you and the things we could be.
But as I sat in that dark cold room,
Everything felt dead and I knew you would forget the love we had.
"Il n'a pas d'importance" was all I could whisper.
So I whispered it and continued to dream of different things.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm dark, You're light.
You're the day, and I'm the night.
You give love to the whole entire world,
But I give love to those I choose.

You show mercy every single day,
While I keep my heart bitter towards the words they say.
I close my eyes so I cannot see the world,
But Yours are wide open keeping watch on Your flock.

I shudder and tremble as the world hurts my heart,
But You cover my life and stand so strong.
I am weak, and my life seemed so bleak.
You're here now, the color in my life, that will not leave.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Girl.

I lay on the floor, sprawled out, desperate.
I cry, leaving the floor with puddles of distress.
I see nothing, nothing but the stars and moon.

O moon you see me too well,
How you show my every breath.
The stars see my heart,
Pouring out to darkness.

The arms that hold me are but my own.
The sound in my ear is just my soul.
The emptiness soon surrounds me, and everything.

Sophisticated business they say this is,
Yet how I still seem a child.
See the mirror?
It holds a girl.
A girl with a broken heart.
See how the moon shines upon her?
The pale skin now shining,
But showing her dark and limping heart.

No bird could make her sing.
No sun could be her light.

But keep limping little girl,
Build up your heart.
I wish you light as well little girl,
For the heart that drags and disconnects you
From the One who holds you dear.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Martin Roberts

Many a memory happy and sad.
Some to remember forever,
Others no regret to forget --
Must I live through this misery?
Where my children have passed me by and some to stay beside me?
Where day by day I am reminded of my losses and not of my gains?
But at the end of my time,
May I see all the blessings I have collected,
And not the ones I have lost.
Indeed, do not let me pass in misery,
But of a grateful heart that has been able to see much.

Malorian Rich

Somehow we were content,
We were happy with our lives.
My mother and father always kept strong,
And I did my best to keep strong.

When my father was young he fought in war.
We would ask for stories about it,
But he would just tell us that you have to be,
A very brave man to be in battle.

My father was always by my mothers side.
He was with her when she had children,
And most of all when a son or daughter would die.
They loved each other very much and helped each other
Get through anything.

Soon enough I grew up,
And soon my family passed away.
Sibling after sibling did they leave this world.

Mother passed,
And a while later father followed.

I was the last to leave,
The last to die.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tell Me.

Tell me love,
Are the trees still green? And the sky a faint blue?
Do you hear the whisper of the wind that slowly controls you?
Are the woods still dark, and is there still that crack,
That when you step on a stick it snaps right in half?

Tell me dear one,
Does the piano still play,
As beautifully as I remember it playing that day?
Do the sliding doors still screech when you pull them,
And the floor still creek even as you glide once more?
Do all of these things happen,
Or are they left abandoned where none makes a sound?

Tell me again,
That you love me forever.
For with no sight at all,
I cannot tell,
If what you say,
Is not just a fairytale.

Tell me once more,
That you love me forever.
But do it in some way that I can understand,
For I cannot hear as I once did.
So take my hand and tell me through that,
You'll love me forever,
And that,
You won't regret.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Word.

A question fills my heart and my mind.
Though short, polite, and quite refined.
Just one word, to share what I really think.
But I say it quite slowly, not intending a blink.
For it sounds like a whisper, it is no harsh sound.
And it leaves your breath hanging, on to the very echo it leaves behind.

As my heart saddens and my throat closes up,
I squeeze that one word out into the open air.
Wondering, not in amazement, but confusion.
These things that just happen, that suddenly appear,
Deserve this one word that only you and I hear.
One word, one breath, is all it needs.

So tell me life's happenings,
You are here, seeming to stay.
No thought of surrendering,
What must happen today.
I ask one little thing,
One word, in one breath.

As I say it, you hear me sigh.
Out of exhaustion, confusion, and everything more.
I say it, and it echos through the walls and floors.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Flying through the air, catching my breathe. My eyes swell with tears from the wind as it crashes against me. My throat closes so no words are of use. My heart sinks plunging into the sea, and my hands shake with fear. My pale skin returns with no good news. Everything seems a blur, no, nothing in focus. The tears my eyes bring drip down across my lips. I sit and forget what joy is, being thrown into this dark place. The wind howls in my ears and the soft whispers of the tormented are all I hear.

Relieve me of this thought, of this pain, of this oppressing way. Let me go, and let there be no more torture. Save me of this misery and let me hear sweet tunes. Let my limbs no longer feel numb so that I may dance in joy and love. But sadness wraps my heart, and no hope is to be found. Not yet.

You are here now. My stomach flutters with the joy that consumes my body. A smile is no longer brief, but seemingly everlasting. A soft pink covers me now, and a sweat comes from being overwhelmed. I jump and dance, yes, a happiness now is within me. For You have come and saved my soul. The darkness no longer wins and no longer do I scream in pain and misery. Your light overcomes everything and the love You pour into my soul is unexplainable.

Walking across the valley I feel You beside me, yes, You are here now.
Don't leave. Please don't.
You are what I need.
You are all I need.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Snow is flying in the air,
As the wind quickens its pace.
Laying almost everywhere,
Each flake now takes its place.

Glazing the ground with light white blanket,
You cannot even see.
The brown tree branches up against the sky,
Or the grass beneath your feet.

Cold and gray it left the sky,
As if an old and lonely sea.
The warm calm breeze comes swiftly by,
And wakes the sky with relief.