Monday, March 24, 2008

over. . .now

easter is over now, and we have to wait another year until we decorate the house and get cheese braid made just for this special day. we will wait another year until we decide what colors we will all wear. one more year until we set flowers in the middle of the tables for the center pieces. another year. . .it seems like forever from where we are.

but now we are painting some of the rooms in the house different colors and we will have to get used to the change. and soon we will put our normal decorations out and put the easter ones away.
and even though easter has come and passed, snow is still on the ground. and we are constantly told not to hope for spring to much. but im afraid our hopes are still pretty high even though snow is still covering the ground. at least we have a little.

now i have to go back to my every day life. where i have many things to do.

Monday, March 17, 2008


i can't just hang around doing whatever i think best. i can't try to sleep in, and then get up very lazily. i can't just play and sing some songs that i have written. i can't just laugh and think that at some point i will get back into routine. instead. . .i have to get into routine.
i try my hardest to get myself to think that getting back into routine is very important. that concentrating on school and exhausting my brain is better then just sitting around thinking of the wonderful things in life. that practicing a ballade is better than going through some songs i have written. sometimes i truly hate routine.

but i guess i must go start, my routine. . .

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

home and long island.

though snow is covering the grounds where my beloved home is. bare tree's paint the sky and leaves the ground.

it is light where my hometown is but the clouds cover the sun so it is hiding. here the sun is to be seen and fills the sky with happiness.

the breeze at home is cold and brisk, but here it can be cool and inviting.

only some homes where i live look magnificently wonderful with its historic looks. here almost all homes have that "look."

at home there are no boats in the harbor, but here many are sitting there waiting for their next adventure.

both places are so very different, but i do love both so very much.


my cousin and i. . .just closin' our eyes for a few minutes.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

a trip.

i will travel to Binghamton, NY with my friend and her father.

then i will enjoy a concert with my friend.

i will be picked up by some of my family in the morning on the next day, and travel to Long Island.

when i get there, i will play in a concert, and hopefully after that. . .relax:)

chill in the morning and early afternoon the next day, then perform again.

i will say goodbye to some of the group that will be going home.

then i will enjoy being with relatives the following day.

and then i get to travel some more. only to my home, which i love the most.

Monday, March 3, 2008


i was just looking through posts that i have written, and came across something i wrote when aubrey was born:

baby aubrey

another niece. a cute little girl.
little, tiny, and adorable.
although i have not seen her eye to eye,
i can see her and say "my, my, my."
aubrey you have a special spot in me.
and forever it shall always be.

when i read this tears came to my eyes. it reminded me of how thankful i am that she is here with us. i am so thankful for the many smiles that she gives all of us, and the jibber-jabber that she says.
she is so precious to me and to all of us. and thinking about it just makes me smile.

i do, love her so very much. . .