Friday, August 12, 2011

"For the times they are a-changin'." -- Bob Dylan

It's true. Times are changing. Everything is changing.
As people grow older, new life is being brought into this world.

Any day now my eldest sister will give birth to another life. Another person that will change our lives.

Tomorrow my age changes. I'm getting older. And to be honest, even I'm wondering where the time has gone. For some reason I anticipated staying young forever and always telling everyone that I meet that "I know. I look a lot older than I am." But soon my appearance will start matching my age. . .That's weird.


Darlene Sinclair said...

This makes me smile :)
This makes me frown :(
All at the same time... ():

RB said...

Yep, your age is catching up with you. That happens to even the best.

Finding out you're turning 16 makes me feel really old. I remember seeing this 18-year-old at church and then looking at her closely and seeing she was just a girl of 12. So when I looked at her, I learned to discount her age by a third.

Now I look at this 18-year-old and I have to adjust the age by only a sixth.

If the Lord tarries, in 11 years I'll look at this 18-year-old and have to add 50% to her age.

I'm better at math than some people but it is still confusing to have to make all these calculations and have to remember the ever-changing adjustments!

Anyway, doing the math is my problem and it is not your fault. Just go ahead and enjoy your special day.

Be blessed!