Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Location: Williamsburg, Virginia]

(Warning: This won't be much of a post. My bones are so tired and frankly, that's the only excuse I have. Sorry 'bout it.)

The guest bedroom I'm staying in for the first few nights is perfect. Want to know the first thing I noticed when I walked in?... The little desk/shelving unit on the wall near the king sized bed (note: king sized bed and I still saw the desk first).
When we arrived I quickly pulled my computer out and set it on the desk along with my journal, a book, my iPod, and of course, my chapstick (you can't forget that!).
There -- even though I'm just a guest for a few nights, the desk looks ready for me to come and sit. I love it.

I turn the little yellow lamp on and take a seat. It's perfect. I've got time, silence, and stillness.
Time to write, silence to think, and stillness to breathe... It's a real vacation, and it's just what I need.

My silly face (because I always make one):

My journal that needs to be filled:

The book I'm reading:

Loving my turtle necks and the time to rest my eyes:

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